The thickness of the polypropylene PP air duct is more appropriate. According to the production experience of the polypropylene PP air duct manufacturer, the PP air duct has two types: round and square. The PP air duct is usually used for the exhaust of corrosive gases, such as: factory acid Exhaust, alkali exhaust and organic exhaust, laboratory ventilation exhaust, chemical reactor exhaust, etc. It is usually installed at the front end of the spray tower or activated carbon adsorption box and connected to the chimney.


Polypropylene PP air ducts are widely used for their excellent corrosion resistance, so how should customers choose the wall thickness when purchasing PP air ducts?


First of all, the wall thickness of the square PP duct depends on the application of the PP duct. In depth, the main factor affecting the wall thickness of the PP duct is the design wind speed in the duct, but in reality, few companies design by the wind speed. The wall thickness of the PP air duct is given, but the wall thickness of the PP air duct is designed according to the cross-sectional area (length, width) of the air duct.

PP square air duct

PP square air duct: 200x200 thickness 4mm

PP square air duct: 320x250 thickness 4mm

PP square air duct: 500x320 thickness 5mm

PP square air duct: 630x400 thickness 5mm

PP square air duct: 800x500 thickness 6mm

PP square air duct: 1000x630 thickness 8mm


PP square air ducts are widely used in rooms with low floor heights. For rectangular structures, in addition to choosing a thicker wall thickness, outer flanges are also required to be reinforced. Since the ventilation system is negative pressure exhaust, there is no PP reinforced with outer flanges. If the wall thickness of the air duct is not enough, there will be the possibility of concave deformation.


Besides, what is the wall thickness of the PP air duct with a circular structure? PP round air ducts are simple. Those with a diameter of more than 400 are all formed pipes with a wall thickness of 5mm. The circular structure is relatively firm. . General experience is as follows:

PP duct series

Diameter ø500 Thickness 5mm

Diameter ø550 Thickness 5mm

Diameter ø600 Thickness 6mm

Diameter ø700 Thickness 6mm

Diameter ø800 Thickness 8mm

Diameter ø1000 Thickness 8mm

Diameter ø1200 Thickness 8mm

Diameter ø1500 Thickness 8mm


Xicheng Ep Ltd is a manufacturer of polypropylene PP air ducts. The PP air ducts produced are mainly used for anti-corrosion ventilation projects. In addition to PP air ducts, there are also corresponding PP air duct fittings, such as: PP elbows, tees, transformers Diameter, square to circle, flange, casing, etc., the problem of PP duct wall thickness.