Brief introduction of OEM aluminum enclosure

When the OEM's electronic aluminum housing is used as an anode, it is placed in an electrolyte and is artificially formed with a protective aluminum oxide film on the surface.

OEM electronic aluminum alloy shell function

  1. It has abrasion resistance, weather resistance, corrosion resistance and strong resistance.
  2. It can be formed on the surface of various colors to meet your requirements to the greatest extent.
  3. With strong hardness, it can protect your electronic products well.

Everyone should know that most of the mobile phone cases, TV cabinets, etc., most of these items are made of aluminum alloy materials, that is, OEM aluminum enclosures.

Plastic shell The charger shell is a shell produced from a plastic material through an injection molding machine. There are charger shells, adapter shells, power supply shells, switching power supply shells, industrial power supply shells, inverter shells, LED power supply shells, and aluminum Profile shells are processed by supplied materials. Good-quality hardware shells have significant differences in performance. These hardware shells are diverse in variety, widely used, and have broad prospects.

OEM aluminum enclosure has lightweight, strong compressive strength, beautiful surface, layered feeling, and strong corrosion resistance. It is in line with contemporary aesthetics, is low-key and luxurious, and is favored by many customers.

There are many applications of aluminum housing, so Die casting manufacturer is very concerned about the quality of aluminum housing.