For instance, you could undertake City quests, and City MVP quests, as well as side and daily quests NBA 2K Coins. You can also achieve NBA city and NBA games. You can also play with your teammates in playoffs. You can also do runways and interviews and Race of the Week, receive rookie of the year or the MVP in the league, and the list goes on. You can highlight any activity or quest that you want to highlight, and it'll reveal how many MVP points you'll get from it. Just make sure you earn enough points, which leads me to the next part of our discussion.

To unlock the penthouse or zipline to unlock the penthouse and zipline in NBA 2K22, you have to accumulate a nice, around one million MVP points. It is possible to use any strategy that we've discussed above to achieve this goal: take on City quests as well as City MVP quests, compete in playoffs, get named the league MVP or the rookie of the year and more. Once you've reached one millionpoints, you'll earn an apartment in the penthouse of Parkside Lofts.

As you approach the front door of the building you will have five options to select from. The first one lets you go inside your penthouse. The four other ones, or the names of different city affiliations, instantly take passengers to the zipline which you'll take into the part in the city of the association you choose. It's basically a form of quick travel, sort of.

In NBA 2K22 players have the option to shoot with an a shot meter, or not have a shot meter. This doesn't mean timing your shot doesn't matter in the slightest Buy NBA 2K22 MT, since you'll need to set your release to exactly to allow your player shooting the ball.