The Old School RuneScape team brought the community's favorite temporary game mode back to the server in May. And this temporary game mode is a four-week tournament with a charity prize pool.

Undead mode returns to the old-fashioned arena

Due to the continuing epidemic of the COVID-19 virus, many game companies are working hard to update their games so that players can spend boring time in the game during the quarantine period. Jagex, the developer of RuneScape, started a four-week Deadman Mode tournament on May 1. Undead mode is a mode in which players risk carrying all items and hiding some items in the bank. To compensate for this, all players can get a higher experience rate, from 5 to 10 times the regular experience rate.

In addition to increasing experience points, Greenough's Old School RuneScape universe is not available in Undead mode. The monsters in the Wilderness Hunter Cave and the Lava Dragon Islands do not have a fixed loot table in the Deadman mode world. Another area that players cannot enter is the final boss Zulrah. In past versions of the Deadman mode, the venom mechanism was too powerful for the average player, because it could cause 20 damage every few seconds. The reason this mechanism is so unbalanced is that the player cannot clear this effect, because the antidote to this venom is locked on the last boss, Zulrah.

In the past undead mode tournaments, the prize money was as high as $20,000. If we get ranked, we might get a great prize. Do you choose a piece of equipment or gold? The finals on May 29th are exciting. Did you watch it on the old school RuneScape Twitch channel? Maybe you didn't participate in the competition, but you will definitely think that getting the bonus is a great thing, because you can Buy Old School Runescape Gold. Although I have forgotten the charity fundraised in the end, this year is indeed the year with the most bonuses in the past.

2021 is approaching, and I hope we can overcome the epidemic. Not only can you play in the game, but you can also gather with friends and enjoy life.