Pancakeswap clone script is an alternate code or architecture of the original pancakeswap. It is developed with a number of smart features and specialties. It is a Decentralized finance-based exchange developed with features like swapping, lending, borrowing, yield farming, lottery, and AMM. The original pancakeswap website is developed on the BSC network. But the clone of pancakeswap can be developed on different blockchain networks based on the business requirement. Pancakeswap clone script is an exact replica of pancakeswap and a fully developed ready-made solution with a customizable solution where the features can be modified based on the client's needs.

Features of Pancakeswap clone script:

AMM - Automated Market Making, is a currently developed feature, that performs swapping, trading, and other cryptocurrency-based exchange functions automatically. 

Swapping - The process of swapping involves two parties. Users can swap their BEP20 token to earn a native CAKE token. Swapping of tokens offers you rewards.

Lottery process - The lottery mechanism provides you the opportunity to increase the trading of your native token. You can buy the lottery and if you win the lottery, you will be rewarded. 

Yield farming - It is a concept of stake and farm to win rewards. Staking and farming of Liquidity pool tokens (LP tokens) can help you win the CAKE tokens. 

NFT - It is an advanced feature developed on the pancakeswap, that offers you to list, buy and sell the NFTs. It is an effective marketplace to list and trade their digital asset.

Integrated security pool - Pancakeswap clone is developed with high-level security protocols to perform staking, swapping, and trading of tokens in a secured way. 

Voting polls - Users with the CAKE token can make they're participate in the process of voting while making an important decision. 

Launch your Pancakeswap clone script in Just 48 hours:

Anyone can launch their Pancakeswap clone script which is available as a 100% readymade and also entirely customizable white label solution. Customizable refers to the user can change the features based on the business requirements. 

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