Textile machinery plays a huge role in the textile industry in India. There is a huge variety of textile machinery used by the textile industry. It’s very important to provide good quality products to the customers without compromising the products. That’s why textile machinery comes to the rescue. Textile machinery is used for testing the fabric, textiles, woven, and non-woven materials in different stages of manufacturing.

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Types of textile machinery

There is a huge variety of textile machinery but these are the most used machinery used by the textile industry. Some of the popular instruments are
1. Shrinkage Template and scale or shrinkage testing- This instrument is used to determine the % of shrinkage determine dimensional change after washing in any fabrics in both length and width way. 
2. Fabric inspection machine - Fabric inspection machine is widely used to examine any kind of fabric/fiber up to 72inches width & check for weaving/dyeing/printing defects.
3. Small GSM Cutter- This instrument is used to cut any kind of fabric woven/ knits/ non-woven/paper) in the circle form of 100 cm² precisely.
4. Textile Moisture meter- It is used to determine the percentage of moisture in textile-like polyester, cotton, silk, viscose.
5. Pull Test Machine - Pull Test Machine is used to determine the pulling strength for any type of button/ snaps to remove from garments once attached.

6. Washing fastness tester - A washing fastness tester is one of the popular instruments is used to determine the color fastness of textile material against washing to assess staining.
7. Pantone color Standards- Pantone Color Standards provide a universal language of color that enables color. It helps in the critical decisions made at every stage of the workflow for brands and manufacturers.
8. GSM Machine - This instrument is used to determine the GSM value (grams per square meter) of fabrics/fiber/yarn textile materials.

9. Bursting Strength Tester - Bursting Strength Tester is used to determine bursting strength in fabric, carton box, and cardboard with a bright LCD display of reading with peak hold facility. 
10. Reed - Pick Glass - Pick glass is used in counting the threads and used to determine the no of yarns in the fabric.
11. GSM Scale - GSM Scale is used to cut the samples with GSM cutters in any kind of fabric-woven/ knits, paper, cardboard, leather, lining, etc. This machine can be mounted on this machine to measure GSM digitally. 

12. Swatch-making machine - This machine is useful for preparing zig-zag fabric swatches for presentation to buyers in swatch card or folder form.
13. Munsell kit - It is used for testing to analyze how accurately one can see color also it takes 15 minutes of duration.
14. Crock Meter - Crock Meter to determine the color fastness of rubbing in fabrics/yarn/ garment with automatic rotation to avoid mistakes.

15. Fabric Rolling Machine - A fabric rolling machine is used for the inspection of the fabric and to convert small rolls into bigger rolls. 
16. Pantone Swatches - Pantone swatches to determine the color fastness of rubbing in fabrics.
17. Colour Matching cabinet -It is designed for the visual evaluation of shade and color differences under standardized and controlled lighting conditions.
18. Fabric Marker - Fabric marker is used for permanent marking, it dries quickly and is also lead proof. It remains permanent after washing, cleaning, and bleaching. 

19. Imported Washing Machines - Types of We offer an exclusive range of Imported Washing machines like Washer-Extractor - Electrolux WH6-6, Wascater - Electrolux FOM71 CLS, Wascater - Programming Card, Washing Machine Labtex - Model M6. 

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5. Btex
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