Lubrajel Oil is a colorless, transparent, water-soluble, low-viscosity fluid with a pH value close to the acidity of the skin itself (pH 5-5.5). It is an excellent skin moisturizer and lubricant, providing excellent luster and smooth skin feel.


【Product Name】: Lubrajel Oil


【INCI name】: Glycerin and Glyceryl Acrylate/ Acrylic Acid Copolymer and Propylene Glycol and PVM/MA Copolymer


【Product Features】:


This product has a unique cage structure, which combines water molecules in the cage structure formed by polyglycerol methacrylate through hydrogen bonds and van der Willis forces. When the product comes into contact with the skin, the slow breakdown of the cage structure due to the presence of salts, changes in pH, strong electrolytes or changes in skin temperature results in the release of moisture which provides the skin with a radiant and moisturizing effect.

This product has excellent safety and can be widely used in various types of personal care products, especially facial, eye moisturizing and care products.

This product has good water solubility and can be easily applied to personal care product formulations. In the emulsification system, it is recommended to add it after homogenization to avoid excessive shear damage to the cage structure. In formulation systems that do not require high-speed shearing, the aqueous phase can be easily added to dissolve.

The use of this product is excellent, it can improve the use of the product, increase the moisturizing skin feel and skin lubricity. An oily ester-like moisturizing feel can be imparted in pure water formulations. In foundation products, it can help powder to disperse and provide a moisturizing feel.

This product has good biodegradability and is easy to store.



【Suggestion for use】: Suitable for various personal care product formulations such as: Emulsifying systems such as creams, lotions; transparent skin care products such as b moisturizing water, toner, toner; facial masks; facial and eye care products such as transparent eye cream; hair Use moisturizing products; liquid foundation-type beauty products.​​