This list does not judge the most shocking or terrifying movies of all time on skymovie hd. These are what I would call the best horror movies you can watch during Halloween. So don’t expect to see some of my favorite horror films like Saw and the Blair Witch Project as, in my opinion, they don’t really take on the Halloween spirit. Anyway, feel free to challenge me, in fact, I welcome you.

1. Halloween

The name of the movie is Halloween, so how can it not be at the top of the list. And it is the most horrible film of all time, so how can it not be at the top of the list. There is a very good responsibility to influence all slasher movies from the 70's so how can it not be at the top of the list. You can almost say I feel strongly about this movie as # 1 and I think the reasons I listed above give it a strong case. I watch it every October and the Halloween season will not be the same without it.

2. Shout

The smallest movie on the list over a long distance. Movies today focus on the subject and lose that horrible old movie feeling that may never come back. The scream had some ridiculous jokes while still being able to make the best genre ever seen. Screams can also be recommended for making horror films that are popular and still exist today. Sure numbers 3 and 4 weren’t needed but Scream 2 was actually pretty good and just missed this list. I'm still waiting for the horror movie to do what Scream did back in 1996, but I'll wait a while.

3. Friday is 13 p.m.

What a fun Halloween season movie. This has really taken the slasher movie ‘fun’ with high murder and really stupid teens and along the way has some fear. Add the most awesome movie music and the most intimidating time and have classic music in your hands.

4. The Shining

You know the movie is so scary when you sneak up and watch a car go down a mountain road. Despite all his accomplishments, I think Jack was meant to make a lot of horror films on sky movie hd, he may be the most terrifying man I have ever seen in a film. I have never looked at long passages in the same way.

5. The Evil Dead 2

Easily the most fun movie on the list and probably the most fun. Maybe the only movie that scares me is the exact amount that makes me laugh and at the same time, it’s just amazing. They really came out with a stick that I don't blame them, especially because I feel like the fans are going to cry a lot unnecessarily. And who knows, Raimi's production might surprise us all.