Everything You Need to Know About Escape from Tarkov’s 12.12 Patch

As the year ends, Battlestate Games treats Escape from Tarkov players with an update featuring tons of new content. Patch 12.12 is one of Tarkov’s biggest updates in a while as the developers introduce a new map and new NPCs for players to enjoy. The update also features tons of new guns, gear, and a new special item. Unfortunately, the recent patch has been rolled out with a complete wipe, as players will start from scratch once again as all their progress has been erased. Despite the progress reset, players are still happy with the additional content introduced.

What are Wipes?

A wipe is a total reset of every Escape from Tarkov Patch 12.12 players’ progress. The event erases everything from weapons to skills and stats. Wipes occur every six months and usually happen on a Thursday. The previous wipe before the most recent one occurred on July 2021. The objective of players’ progress reset is to even the playing field between veteran players and new players who are trying out the game for the first time. By removing the gear advantage of seasoned Tarkov veterans, new gamers will have more chances of surviving their encounters in the game. Meanwhile, long-time PMCs in the game will only have their skills and knowledge to rely on to get an edge over other players. Post wipe is the best time for gamers to return or try out the game as the playing field is evened out.