How to control the fineness of Raymond mill? Raymond mill is a necessary equipment for grinding all kinds of stones. Raymond mill manufacturers continue to improve and innovate the equipment according to the needs of users and the overall situation of China's grinding market, so that Raymond mill has a wider range of applicable materials. Limestone, potassium feldspar, dolomite, barite, calcite, glass, gypsum, thermal insulation materials and other hundreds of stones can be ground.

The grinding fineness of Raymond mill can be adjusted, with an adjustment range of 80-400 mesh, which can meet the requirements of most users for the particle size of finished products. If you need to grind finer mineral materials, you can choose ultra-fine grinding or micro grinding equipment. The grinding fineness of Raymond Mill determines the benefit of users. The finished products with more uniform fineness, more reasonable matching and higher purity will have higher unit economic value. Raymond mill is easy to unload. Once the powder is ground to a qualified particle size, the stone will be crushed. If Raymond mill is used for a period of time and finds that the particle size of the powder is getting coarser and coarser, it may be the wear of the discharge port, and then the discharge cannot be controlled, which will cause the coarse material to be discharged and affect the grinding fineness of the whole powder. The discharge device of Raymond mill needs to be more advanced and wear-resistant, so that the overall benefit will not be affected and the duration will be longer.

The improvement and innovation of Raymond mill should be combined with the processing needs of users and the market situation of domestic mill. Grinding technology is improving, and Raymond mill is also rising. The new energy-saving Raymond mill produced by the company has a very good energy-saving effect. The configuration of motor set, grinding mode and the design of inner grinding chamber are optimized to improve the overall grinding effect of the equipment. It is necessary to grind finer finished products.