Dubai is a marvel of modernity and is a thrilling destination to visit. There are plenty of activities in desert safari dubai to keep the people who are difficult to please and having fun.


Dubai is well-known for its high-end restauranteering, and has numerous five-star restaurants. There are no Michelin Star restaurants in Dubai because there's no Michelin guide for Dubai. However, there are many Michelin Star chefs that work in the city's dining establishments. For instance the Indego restaurant in Grosvenor House Dubai has a Michelin Star winning chef in the kitchen. When you want a break from fine-dining then you can go for milkshakes or two from Millions of Milkshakes. They are just two of the many fantastic eating establishments and it's enjoyable to find your own favourite eating places.


Dubai at night is breathtaking The city is lit up in the night. There are numerous places to entertain guests at night one of which will be a popular spot. There's a BBC radio 1 DJ who creates the atmosphere to host a lively dance party, or the famous 'We Love Space' Ibiza location at the Trilology where the dance floor literally vibrates in the presence of music and movement.

Festivals in the Winter Months
Dubai conditions are the most enjoyable during winter and the most important festivals take place during this time.


The events are in Dubai are always popular and a major draw, however one of the most well-known festivals can be the Dubai Shopping Festival where there are always great bargains. It is a month-long festival in January where more than two million visitors can enjoy shopping, family entertainment, performances and more. You can shop till you're full, then sit in a cafe or watch the stunning fireworks display at night.

February to March

From February to March in February and March, the Dubai International Jazz Festival is held in the Dubai Media City and is appreciated for its excellent music and down-to-earth, friendly atmosphere.

March to April

The months of May and June bring the Emirates World Series Dubai World Cup, which is the richest horse race anywhere in the world. Top prize is 6 million dollars in U.S. currency and features the top horses in the world.

April to May

A Bride Show during April draws thousands of guests looking for the perfect gown or accessories in the Exhibition Center and May offers the Festival of Taste, which is a must-attend for all lovers of delicious food.

Every month is a celebration after festival. The Dubai city map is available at many places and an essential item in order to move through the city easily and experience the adventure of the beautiful City of Dubai.