For long-time Animal Crossing fans, it should come as no surprise that Brewster appears on a regular basis in the series' installments. To date, he has appeared in every Animal Crossing game, with the exception of the very first one, which was released in 2001. Brewster's previous versions of the Roost are acknowledged by the game itself in the form of a small detail within the Roost in New Horizons, which is a nod to Brewster's previous versions of the Roost.


The front of the coffee shop is decorated with a framed photo of Brewster's old version of the Roost from Animal Crossing: New Leaf, which he keeps there as a reminder of his childhood. In its previous incarnation, The Roost was a smaller, one-story structure with a straightforward but comfortable interior. Despite the fact that the name has since been changed to New Horizons, it is clear that Brewster was inspired byACNH Magic Witch Items Designs cozy little coffee shop when he created the latest version of New Horizons in New Horizons: A Space Odyssey. Even after all these years, it remains the idyllic setting Animal Crossing 2.0 Items For Sale every resident of the village looks forward to visiting.

What Brewster Thinks About Your Observations
As a friendly greeting, extend a friendly wave or a friendly smile to Brewster should you find yourself at the Roost. Unswervingly dedicated to his work, whetherbuy bells animal crossing new horizons's washing dishes or brewing coffee, but who will take the time to acknowledge your presence by looking up from his work. This may not appear to be much, but for a character as reserved as Brewster, it represents a significant step forward in his development.

A complimentary glass of water is available from the vending machine.
Animal Crossing players have discovered a fun easter egg at the Roost, which has been enjoyed by many. According to Mel-Cora, who discovered this on Reddit, it can only be seen under specific lighting conditions. Although you do not have bells, Brewster will provide free water to your villager in the Roost simply because he is a kind man who wants to assist you when you are in need.

Brewster is a Gyroid enthusiast who collects them.
Keep in mind that when you first started playing the 2.0 update, you were informed that you would need to sail to an island in order to locate Brewster, right? During Brewster's first encounter with the player's villagers, the subject of his conversation was his search for gyroids, which was the subject of his conversation. Brewster has shown us how to plant gyroid fragments, and we are grateful to him for his assistance. Working towards acquiring all of the adorable gyroids that we can find in our homes is something we can strive for.

He has his own private collection of various gyroids hidden behind the counter of the Roost, which he keeps hidden from public view. Somehow, he's managed to keep them hidden away in a closet, but it would be much cuter if he put them on display around the coffee shop instead. One of the walls in one of the corners of his Roost is even decorated with a poster of Lloid the Gyroid, which hangs on one of the other walls.

It is Blathers' responsibility to invite Brewster to the museum on your New Horizons island, which is where he has a position as an archivist. Every Animal Crossing game features him in some capacity, and he is almost always associated with Brewster in some way. It should come as no surprise that Blathers can wax lyrical about his friend Brewster and spread the word throughout the island about the need for the villagers to open a coffee shop in their community. Considering Blathers is well-known for talking his friends' ears out, it comes as no surprise that he would be able to talk for hours about Brewster and spread word all over the island about how important it is for the villagers to establish a coffee shop.

Because Brewster is such a reserved individual, glimpses into his personal life are few and far between, but they are always fascinating to watch. A framed photo of Brewster and Blathers is on display near the front door of the Roost, which you should see before you enter. Despite the fact ACNH Mermaid Items Designs Brewster is not always forthcoming with his emotions, it is clear that he greatly values his friendship with Blathers, which is a heartwarming moment.