It is necessary to use a real-time clock in order to progress through the game's levels, and the game also follows seasonal patterns that are accurate to the hemisphere in which the player's Nintendo Switch is currently situated. However, while this is an excellent method of increasing immersion, some seasons seem to last longer than others, and many people look forward to the transition from winter to spring, when flowers and blossoming trees appear in abundance.


As a result, the changing of the seasons can be an especially exciting time of year to be alive and engaged in physical activity. Visiting other islands in order to stock up on the flower types found on New Horizons is highly recommended for players who have recently restarted a save. In this way, they will be able to ensure that their landscaping projects are completed with flowers of the appropriate colors and varieties.

Although the arrival of spring on islands prior to the official Spring Equinox may appear strange, bells ACNH is actually in accordance with the change in natural weather patterns, which frequently begin to warm up a few weeks before the official start of spring is celebrated. As the snow melts, green grass and blossoming trees will once again cover the islands, providing players with the opportunity to prepare for the exciting New Horizons Festivale Event, which is scheduled to take place in 2022. Pavé will return to the player islands at the end of February, bringing with him a swag of brightly colored feathers and a rousing display of dancing to herald the arrival of spring weather.

Several springtime activities in Animal Crossing are expected to be revitalized as a result of the game's 2.
0 update, which will include the Happy Home Paradise paid DLC expansion. After that, in November of the following year, the game will receive the 3. Among the vegetables included in this category are sugar cane, tomatoes, carrots, wheat, and potatoes, to name a few examples. Every patch can produce up to three harvests depending on the crop (for example, pumpkins) ifACNH nook miles is watered twice a day for the entire growing season.0 update,Players will be able to use a much greater variety of growable decorations to decorate their islands in New Horizons as a result of the game's pumpkin patches, which were added after the success of the game's pumpkin patches were implemented.

Due to the fact that players have had the opportunity to participate in Kapp'n Tours with New Horizons throughout the entire winter, many have amassed sufficient quantities of each crop variety to begin a diverse farmstead in Animal Crossing once the snow has melted and the weather has improved. Various crop types could be planted in large numbers outside of player homes to create an inviting country design, or they could be arranged outside of player homes to create a sprawling homestead environment to create an inviting country design. Farms in warmer climates will most likely appear more authentic in their appearance, despite the fact thatACNH 2.0 Items is possible to plant and grow all crops during the winter.

In some cases, depending on how quickly the snow melts, an update to Animal Crossing may be released after the winter season has ended.
Despite the fact that the New Horizons 2. Player benefit from the addition of springtime crops such as strawberries or snap peas to their crop options, and the addition of planter boxes that can hold both flowers and a variety of crop types would give them more options for how to arrange their gardening plots.0 expansion will be the game's final major content expansion. No official announcements regarding a new Animal Crossing game have yet been made by Nintendo, but is possible that a future Animal Crossing game will include these features, in addition to additional customization options, though no such announcements have been made at this time. By using the fencing options available in New Horizons, players can plan out where they might want to set up flower patches, or they can begin stocking up on the Gyroid additions that will be available in the 2.0 update by collecting Gyroid Fragments while traveling to islands with Kapp'n and collecting Gyroid Fragments. It is up to the designer's imagination how they will be used.

However, it will only be made available after the event has been naturally experienced on one of the player islands for an extended period of time, as previously stated. The Cherry Blossom island is finally accessible to those who wish to play through the game without changing their Nintendo Switch calendars, and they will want to bring nets with them in order to collect Cherry Blossom Petals as they explore the island's surroundings. When the snow melts between February 24 and February 25, 2022, in-game, players will have a plethora of things to look forward to as spring arrives in Animal Crossing: New Horizons.