In 1991 I end up clap film after the Chinese New Year of greater than some of the different purposes formed artistic image, Fake Oakley sunglasses wholesale Changchun film studios national degree of movie supervisor WangFengKui saw this movie to play after I ChengZhi manager was positive, assume I cannot just play the sun wukong, still can shape other sorts of personalities, invited me to his ChouPai is of the flick "weekend break love Angle" of capturing, in it as a male leading role, young worker du, the mountains.

WangFengKui director devoted his life to comedy movies and exploration, from his initial work "the play ape of person" start to have been checking out comedy in the design of the motion picture, guided by independent shows that the perspective of the youths comedy movie "hi! The older siblings kid," in the nationwide get a response, 1991 reviled comedy movies the honor of the radio, movie as well as applying 1991 excellent image, Mongolia initially comedy film festival honor, his funny constantly understand the pulse of The Times, close to the life, taking note of the truth, will go to the scene of the ordinary people everyday life, from the personality of the joys and also the sadness of mining profound thought connotation, his comedies as well as "congratulations", "god gai", "the evening she knocks on my door", and so forth.

I went to the cinema to see "hey! The elder bro's child" and also remember the name of the director WangFengKui, buy phony Oakley’s when received his invite was is an excellent chance. WangDao Gao da4 tall, dark skin, candid individuality, speech is funny, each a play, he will certainly be the guest in which a personality, he not just does the supervisor likewise participate in the movie script, although the manuscript modifications to the larger but he never ever in authors behind confidential. Before he fired to do a full, anything do fairly well, so take sport progression soon, the show in Beijing's several scenes, to shape my duty he has no rigorous needs, just placed the large style, the character of the stars as well as sort of tone, the control of clear after seeing star his play generally, like swimming instructor that as long as the lane professional athletes might not tube, the show took about two or three months, as it more than the WangDao typically encourage me more various from sunlight wukong's shape some artistic photo.

The play I fall for the heroine of the WuXiaoLan by the popular huge eyes elegance star FuYiWei plays, as well as GuoDa, Fake Oakleys frogskins ladies, Liu bin, YanQing (currently YanQingYu), FangQingZhuo, as well as an additional renowned star, Bayi motion-picture studio, as well as the previous vice director liu2 Xing also participated in the movie, in this movie to early movie I am a sensation and also the opportunity to find out, then I pertained to this collection of VCD compact disc and also posters, and also the CD has actually established a file in the LiuXiaoLingTong showed in Shanghai art museum, this is my art career remains in memory and also review movie, and unfortunately, the film seldom sees on television, the hope can frequently see in TV WangFengKui director of other jobs, allow the target market won't fail to remember the for China's funny motion pictures made a noticeable contribution to the famous supervisor.

December 28, 2004, WangFengKui director of heart problems in Beijing those making use of HRT, passed away at age 61. Hear the information of his death when I regret is likewise extremely excruciating, seven years I have actually been missed him, knowledgeable about his target market is not forget he left the job, really hope that the community can be loaded with joy, there need to be high quality, different style of the funny motion pictures to appear.