Are you looking for a list of Lost Ark Gold Lost Ark servers? Due to the imminent release of Korean ARPG-style MMO You may be wondering what servers are available across each country. Some are likely to be more busy than others, particularly during the time of the launch. It's impossible to determine which servers will become more famous, but it's certainly worth making a decision in a short time the location of your new home.

While there's no real difference in choosing the server you'll use, you should make sure you coordinate with your friends prior to beginning your journey in Arkesia. It doesn't mean that you won't be able to party for specific group events if you're on different servers, but MMO fundamentals such as guilds or world bosses can only be played on individual worlds. Here's a Lost Ark servers list, reset times, as well as how to find out if they're not working.

Daily and weekly server resets take place at 1am server time (or 2.30 am based upon Daylight Savings), though the developers have mentioned that this could change depending on how it plays in the game.

Lost Ark server status: How to know if the game is down

If you're experiencing difficulties connecting to your game account, the issue might be due to a busy server or even maintenance, particularly at the time of launch. Luckily, you can check servers' status at cheap Lost Ark Gold the official site, so you won't have to waste time wondering if your connection is at fault.