Among the various referencing systems available to students, the Harvard referencing style is another popular method of using citations in your paper. Different institutions follow different referencing styles associated with various academic papers, and this referencing is used by most universities and college students for their academic papers and essays.

  • What is the Harvard referencing style?

The Harvard style of citation makes use of a two-step method. First, students can use referencing directly in the body of their text, wherever they have quoted the author's words. This is monitored by a comprehensive bibliographical list at the bottom of your assignment, which provides the reader with a complete list of all writing sources and links like the author's name, date of publication and web address.

Suppose your topic is Effective Interest Rate in American Bank, then you must include all the sources according to Harvard referencing style as instructed. 

  • How to use the Harvard referencing style in an academic paper: 

When creating the Harvard referencing list, you should order the list alphabetically. It is a bit different than AMA referencing. First, the last name of the first author is inserted, followed by the web address of the source work. Here, you cannot use the full name of the author and only use their initials. 

When you are using in-text citations while gathering information, you have to mention the author's name, the year of publication, and the page numbers, if appropriate, within round brackets in the body of the text. 

  • What is Harvard referencing generator?

Like the APA citation generator, the online reference generator for Harvard citation is online software that can generate citations for you with just a click. Students can promptly come up with other citation styles for their papers when you use this referencing tool. This software has options for both generating your in-text citation and your bibliography. Students can check out many of these tools online by simply searching for queries like "Online Harvard generator" in your search engine.

Final notes: 

In this write-up, you get an idea of how to use citations in your paper in the Harvard style and referencing generator online. You can also get the ACS citation tool online and other tools for error-free papers.   

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