As a licensed Real Estate Salesperson in New York State of New York, for over 15 years, I have observeda variety of previous market types. Although, we typically think of buyers, sellers as well as sellers or neutral markets however kingdom valley Islamabad noc, the present day pandemic and its associated health, economic, and crisis, will, most likely, have more long-term consequences and ramifications, that could permanently alter the horizon. With this in mind, this article will attempt to briefly study, evaluate and analyze four specificreal estate aspects that are likely to undergo, game - changing long-term changes, and ramifications.

1. Housing market prices, buyers etc.Since there are many states, there are restrictions placed on, in the form of social distancing for housing sales, marketing etc., have at least for now been completely removed! In the event that this crisis comes to an end, how will this marketchange? The combination of low - interest rates, and pent - up desire, by someto join this crucial aspect of the American Dream, might, to some degree, balance the other variables, I believe, we will witness, all over the country, and in many areas of the country, lower price, due to the fact that there are fewer qualified prospective buyers. This is in large part due to the dramatic drop in stock market, etc, prices, andconsequently, many will find, their personal asset value, greatly reduced. There may be some, government programs, to assist, however, these, would have to be sure that we do not witness another real estate bubble that is caused by non-coherent financing programs!

2. Retail Storefronts:Because numerous retailers need to devise alternatives, based on technology methods to market their goods, the current trend, whichis already extremely challenging for the conventional retail market, has now become even more stressful! In the foreseeable future it is likely that we will not witness any significant improvement, which will result in more vacancies. What effect will this have, especiallythe smaller property owners in terms of their ability to maintain, and afford their ownership? Also, it is likely that many companies might decide they require less space, and obviously, that will result in significant impacts!

3. Office spaces:This crisis has made it imperative for many firms, to have employees, working remotely. If this trend continues it is expected that many companies will probably, believe and realise that they don't need, nearly as much office space and the associated costs? What impact will this have on the number of vacancies, and lease pricing?

4. Apartments for rent:Since, fewer people are likely to be able to afford their own homes, more of them will seek apartment rentals! However, because a large portion of them will likely be carrying more of a post depression Depression mentality, because of the fear, and economic aspects of this recession, it is expected that the luxury apartment market will suffer!

The immediate consequences of this recession, from an economic standpoint will probably be substantial for the real estate industry, and the associated markets! Prepare!