It’s risky to expose your client’s sensitive information. It might be dangerous for them but it will definitely damage your brand. That is why you must employ a verified Java application development services provider.

This is one of the most useful Java software development services. Sometimes developers fail to sanitize the path of zipped files.

Every input has the potential to be harmful. That is why your Java web application development company should sanitize it. 

Encryption is difficult, but a trustworthy library can solve it for you. The Java website development agency that you hire must know how to implement it.

Since you don’t need to retrieve the original passwords, it’s safe to employ a powerful cryptographic hashing technique for passwords. This is one of the other Java website development services that you will find beneficial.

Implementing safety practices is the best way to make sure that hackers don’t harm your app. However, you need a reputable Java development company to apply them effectively

Source: Best Java Security Practices