In designing custom jewelry in Vancouver, the first thing to do is determine what you want. A new friendship ring? Diamond earrings? A necklace with a pendant? A new ring for your right hand? Or a wedding band to go on the left hand?

The first step in designing custom jewelry often includes finding ideas. You may look at your existing jewelry for inspiration or rely on your own imagination.

When it comes to inspiration, you might use pictures from magazines, websites and other sources as models of design styles that interest you. It's important for designers who work from their imaginations not only to have good ideas but also to be able to communicate them well with customers or fellow designers. Once you have an idea of what type of custom jewelry you want to create, it's time to develop a plan.

The next step is to find out what you'll need for the project. Some designers prefer to work on small hand-made models while others mock up their design on computer software programs that mimic 3D CAD (computer aided design). Still, there are other designers who develop and communicate their designs and provides samples of materials and size of pendants through photo images and sketches of jewelry designs.

At this stage of designing custom jewelry, be prepared with some initial data: Your budget. The type of material you want use in your design -- gold or silver? What color metal do you want? How big should the diamonds be? These questions can help the ball rolling when it comes to pricing and/or identification of ideal stones for your custom jewelry project.

Once you have the necessary data, it's time to work with a jeweler or designer as they go further into creating your unique piece of custom jewelry in Vancouver .

Designing custom jewelry is fun, but be prepared with some background information and basic knowledge about components that may come in handy during the process. You can start by looking at various types of gems and stones on the internet and decide which type of material would best suit your design criteria and budget limitations. These days there are thousands of types of gems readily available online; hence it becomes easier for customers to make their choice according to personal preferences.

When designing custom jewelry, most designers prefer to use CAD (computer aided design) software that allows them to access dozens of stones in seconds, which includes diamonds, rubies, emeralds and sapphires. It also allows customizing the pieces with personal engravings. There are several manufacturers today who sell CAD/CAM (computer aided manufacturing), allowing customization of jewelry designs on their computerized systems.

Once you have come up with a unique design for your custom jewelry in Vancouver project, it's time to move forward to physical prototyping or 3D printing . You may want to make minor changes while having prototypes created until you finally get an end product that satisfies your requirements.