In WOW TBC Classic, Black Temple is one of the most iconic raids. Players must complete a long chain of coordination to enter Black Temple. In the game, Shadowmoon Valley is the hometown of Black Temple, and players need to complete some tasks there. A faction called the "Ashtongue Deathsworn" will play a major role in the player's journey while completing advanced quest chains.

The player's Black Temple coordination journey begins in Shadowmoon Valley, where a series of quests must be completed to begin the TBC Classic Gold necessary coordination chain. Depending on whether the player is allied with the Aldor or the Astrologer, they can start the first quest "Tablets of Baa'ri" at either the Altar of Sha'tar or the Sanctuary of the Stars. After completing a series of missions, players will be asked to collect four Karabor Medallion Fragments.

Players can collect the four fragments of the medal by traveling from north to south through the middle of Shadowmoon Valley. Head to the Warden's Cage, where the player must kill a satyr named Zandras for members of the Ashtongue Deathsworn. After proving the player's loyalty to the Deathsworn, the player is introduced to Akama, a quest provider. It will reveal to the player that the medal fragments collected by the player are replicas.

Akama will send players to the Atama Platform in Shadowmoon Valley. There, in addition to three elite thugs, players must kill a warlock named Shadowlord Deathwail. The battle is quite difficult and requires a team of players to win. After clearing the patio, players must pick up the Heart of Rage and bring it back to Akama. After bringing the Heart of Rage back to Akama, the player will be transported to Shattrath City.

In order to advance the Coordination Chain to the last part, the player needs to talk to Naru Adar in the center of the city in Shattrath City. In the process, players should also get as much WOW TBC Gold as possible, more TBC Classic Gold can give players a greater advantage. In order for players to Buy WOW TBC Classic Gold in a short time, MMOWTS provides players with very fast TBC Classic Gold.