This has been in preparation intermittently for Madden 22 coins several years. It was time to get it perfect for my brand. Working with the Madden team to work things out dot every i's, make sure that all the t's were crossed -after we got that completed, the rest was just going for it. I knew that, somewhere in my history I'd done the right thing and could still be regarded as one of the legendary sportsmen from more than thirty years ago. Madden continues to believe in me to make a decision like this.

Your legacy in video games dates back to 1989, when you were the mainstay of Tecmo Bowl. What was it like seeing yourself virtually back then?

I'm still seeing myself there in Tecmo Bowl. I still have the video game. I've got the machine for it to use. But it's hidden in a container someplace in the storage. It's iconic. It really feels good to know that I have grown men in their 40s telling me, 'Hey, my cousin and I had the biggest battle of our lives because we each wanted to be in Tecmo Bowl when we were young. Then our parents took the game and my dad locked it up in his tool cabinet. The game was unplayable for a month due to the fighting was so intense.' I hear that often. If I'm at sports memorabilia shows, people will come up with this video game. They tell me, 'I've owned the device to play it on. My kids play it. My grandkids play it ... as does everyone still argues about who is going to play Bo Jackson.' Tecmo Bowl ... that was quite the technological marvel back then. You look at it now and think, "Wow it's an old-fashioned.'

Have you not participated in Tecmo Bowl?

I've never played Tecmo Bowl. That's just the truth. I have watched people play it a lot. But I had an idea of what I could do. I was aware of that it was that Tecmo Bowl man could do. It is a pleasure for mut 22 coins cheap me hearing people compliment me from that game.