Industrial-grade ozone generators can generally be used for more than 5 years, but improper use will greatly reduce the lifespan. What factors affect the lifespan of ozone generators? Beijing Tonglin Xiaobian summarizes the following points

1. Air source 

The gas source includes pure oxygen, oxygen generator and air, and dry air, all of which have an important impact on the efficiency and performance of the ozone generator. If it is an air source, it is necessary to remove the moisture and particles contained in the air to a minimum, because the impurities in the air source will affect the discharge effect, thereby reducing the production and concentration of ozone. On the other hand, a small part of nitrogen in the air will be oxidized and dissolved in water vapor to form nitric acid, which will cause corrosion to the equipment. The dew point of the source gas should be kept below -60°C to prevent such things from happening.

Generally, the ozone generator used by the pharmaceutical factory will use compressed air as the gas source. If there is no compressed air, or the area is small, you can choose an all-in-one machine (ozone generator with an oxygen generator). Generally, food factories, cold storages, farms and other places use air sources as air sources.

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2. Water return

If the ozone generator is used in water treatment, care must be taken to prevent water from flowing back into the machine, which will easily cause the ozone production and concentration of the ozone generator to drop.

3. Control and components

If it is space disinfection, many components are exposed to ozone, and the strong oxidizing property of ozone can easily oxidize the components, making the components unusable. Generally, in places with large space, a pipe-type ozone generator will be used to pass the ozone to the clean area through the central air conditioner.

4. Environment

The environment has a great impact on the machine. For example, there is a lot of oil in the food factory, the environment of the farm is harsh, and the humidity in the cold storage is heavy, which will affect the life of the ozone generator.