In Lost Ark, the Gunlancer is a heavy tank class that provides some shield buffs to the player's team. It also has a strong shield that allows the player to ignore many attacks, even those from bosses. Gunlancer is a single-player, beginner-friendly large class that might be perfect for brand new Lost Ark players.

Due to the Lost Ark Gold significant class enhancements in Lost Ark Season 2, players can play both Combat or Defensive stances. Gunlancer's class sculpts determine the player's playstyle, which means they definitely have a bigger impact on the player's playstyle than other class-specific sculpts. Like other tiers, Gunlancer has two tiers, Light Shield and Lonely Knight.

Light Shield adds what players call a 'Normal' skill. This sculpt focuses on a 'Shield' build, which utilizes the player's identity skills often. Lonely Knight focuses on more DPS/Crit builds and improves the effect of the player's red skills like Fire Bullets, Raised Spear, etc. Players take more damage with reduced survivability.

Players will rely heavily on burst damage or sequences that involve taunts, shields and waiting for cooldowns to Buy Lost Ark Gold drop. It's a simple playstyle, but can do a lot of damage. In addition to this, players should also have a deep understanding of the importance of Lost Ark Gold, more gold can give them a greater advantage. And MMOWTS is ready to offer players the cheapest Lost Ark Gold, welcome to visit!