A brand new mechanic, polishing, was introduced to the series as part of the Animal Crossing: New Horizons paid DLC, Happy Home Paradise. This feature shouldn't be overlooked by Animal Crossing: New Horizons fans. It is possible for players to shine furniture in order to add a variety of effects to items on their island or throughout the Archipelago. It is possible to unlock and use 14 different default animations in order to brighten up the interior design of a home. The trailer for the DLC failed to mention that fans can also apply custom designs to each effect, which is something that has been mentioned previously. The polishing mechanic was understated during the Happy Home Paradise announcement, which was a mistake because this new feature allows players to make each island more unique by uploading their own user-generated content.

At the start of the game, the Custom Designs app is downloaded and installed on the player's Nook Phone. Initially, fans were only able to create simple designs to use as decorations on their island. The Custom Design Pro Editor+, which was introduced in the 1.9.0 update, allowed for the creation of more complex artwork. The number of talented players who have uploaded their work to social media has increased exponentially since then. Alternatively, these designs can be obtained by interacting with the machine in the Able Sister's shop. Players will be able to bring their artwork to life once they have unlocked polishing in Animal Crossing's Happy Home Paradise DLC.

As fans spend their time building vacation homes for villagers on the Archipelago, they will learn a total of 14 default animationsACNH 2.0 Items For Sale will be useful in the future. Following the renovation of the restaurant or café, whichever is chosen first, a new polishing technique is introduced for the benefit of the players' enjoyment. Each animation can have a unique design applied to, resulting in some truly amazing (and occasionally amusing) results. Fans can amuse themselves and their friends by filling a room with dolls and attaching the ghost-face pattern created by Redditor Osallia to the dolls' faces. Using the Dizzyspin polish in conjunction with a leaf design, it is possible to make a still image of leaves fall from a plant fall fromAnimal Crossing Items repeatedly. Because there are no limits to a player's imagination, and because anyone can benefit from incredible works of art created by the Animal Crossing community, such as the flying dragons shown below, there is no reason not to play.



By polishing the animations in Animal Crossing, fantastic animations are being created.
Polishing furniture allows players to breathe new life into some of the most beautiful creations seen in Animal Crossing. Fans can use these outstanding animations to enhance their home's décor without having to add to their already cluttered environment. It is important to note that just because there are wonderful custom designs available does not imply players should disregard the default 14 polishing effects. Each one was created to be a complement to the furniture that could be obtained through the game Animal Crossing. When applied to a furnace or a bathtub, Steamshine creates a steamy effect, while Spaceblip animates vertical lines to simulate motion on objects such as a spaceship. Both the default designs for polishing and the custom creations can be used in inventive ways to express one's individuality and creativity.

Since the game's release, creative players have taken advantage of the tools available to them to create their own unique islands. Making improvements to your home in Happy Home Paradise is a fun mechanic that was surprisingly underutilized before the game's release. From custom designs to regular polish animations, this new feature in the Animal Crossing series provides players with yet another outlet for their imagination to explore.