If you own a pool, you're surely aware that every swimming pool is required by law to be surrounded by a fence to prevent unauthorised access by small children. While pool fence is required to keep our children safe, it does not have to be an eyesore. A pool fence constructed of frameless glass may increase the aesthetic attractiveness of your pool area and add to the overall value of your property, as we explore in this article. Traditional pool fence composed of steel or aluminium bars can have a cage-like appearance, which is why glass fencing is becoming a more popular option among pool owners.

Glass fence, rather of blocking the view of your pool with bars, provides an unimpeded view that makes your pool the focal point of your backyard's design. Framed Glass Pool Fence Panels, as the name implies, is constructed out of glass panes that are held in place by stainless steel or aluminium posts on the sides and top. This is far more attractive than metal bars in terms of aesthetics. Glass fence with no frames takes it a step further.

Frameless glass fence is made out of panes of toughened glass that are discreetly fastened at the bottom by spigots or pin fix stand-offs, giving the impression that there is no barrier at all. Frameless glass pool fencing has a variety of advantages over standard and framed glass pool fencing, including being virtually undetectable.

Frameless glass pool fence makes it much simpler to supervise youngsters since it provides an unimpeded view of the pool area. From the luxury of your banana lounge on the deck, or even inside via the window, you can watch what they're up to at all times. Unlike standard pool fence, which may feature footholds that children might use to help them climb, frameless glass pool fencing is completely flat, providing an impassable barrier to even the most determined little climber.

Frameless Shower Screen Installation is comprised of 12mm thick tempered glass (gates 8mm/12mm) that has been heated to over 700 degrees Celsius during the manufacturing process, making it so sturdy that it can be thrown on concrete without shattering. This means you won't have to be concerned about it being destroyed by children or being exposed to extreme weather and temperature fluctuations.

Frameless glass pool fence is entirely compatible with pool fencing safety requirements when purchased from a reliable provider like Trade Glass Depot. While frameless glass pool fence is more expensive than standard metal pool fencing, it is an investment that will quickly pay for itself. Frameless glass pool fencing will outlast standard metal pool fencing, which can corrode over time and require repainting. This means you won't have to worry about costly repairs and replacements because frameless glass pool fence simply has to be hosed down and cleaned with soap on occasion.

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