Our 3M™ Wire Harness Tape 5073, Black, 1.0 mm is a thick, black, double-sided acrylic tape. It's designed to bond to rough or highly irregular surfaces, or in sealing and other applications where a highly conformable tape is required.Get more news about Wire Harnessing Tape,you can vist our website!

3M™ Wire Harness Tape 5073 is a double-sided acrylic sealing tape with excellent initial adhesion, heat resistance and durability compared to conventional butyl sealing tapes. Common uses include bonding to rough or highly irregular surfaces, sealing and other applications where a highly conformable tape is required. 3M™ Wire Harness Tape 5073 uses the technology of 3M™ Acrylic Foam Tape, which has been used for vehicle interior and exterior part attachment for more than forty years.
3M™ Acrylic Foam Tapes, the tape technology on which 3M™ Wire Harness Tape is based, are proven high-performance attachment systems for bonding automotive accessory and trim parts. These double-coated tapes combine acrylic adhesives with viscoelastic foam cores. The unique core conforms well even to complex geometries and is engineered for stress relaxation when exposed to high stress loads. The acrylic adhesive technology used in 3M™ Acrylic Foam and Acrylic Plus Attachment Tapes is designed to adhere to a wide variety of paint systems, including low surface energy and improved scratch- and mar resistant paints. Typical applications for 3M Acrylic Foam Tapes include attaching trim parts and bonding seals throughout the car body.

Better Science for Better Adhesion from 3M
Since 1925 when a 3M lab assistant invented masking tape, 3M has been applying science to life — developing adhesive products and technologies that help entire industries and individual businesses worldwide. The work that began with a single 3M engineer now spans decades and generations - and all of it goes into each 3M product developed for automotive OEM, like 3M™ Wire Harness Tape 5073.