Legendary beauty, signature style is unleashed as you collaborate with Clarion’s jewelry designers, stone setters and goldsmiths to create your exclusive, personally designed jewelry gift. Your gift of love will not be forgotten.To get more news about designer jewelry website, you can visit jewelryhunt.net official website.

At Clarion Fine Jewelry you can work directly with our master jewelers to bring your ideas to life, to create custom one-of-a-kind jewelry. There is no middle man, no salesman to pressure you; you collaborate directly with experienced jewelry artisans who offer knowledgeable advice as to how best to forge your jewelry designs.
Founded in 2007, Clarion Fine Jewelry’s uncompromising attention to quality and detail sets its standards higher than conventional stores, and has earned the company a reputation for excellence.

Rami Kanazeh and Young Choo, co-owners of Clarion Fine Jewelry, offer over 30 years combined experience in innovative jewelry design. Rami Kanazeh, trained in Haifa, Israel, apprenticing under the master stone setter Rani Matar at the renowned Haifa jewelers Modigliani. Rami developed and honed his diamond setting skills, upholding a family tradition for flawless workmanship, continuing as a second-generation stone setter. With over 15 years of experience, Rami is recognized for his extreme precision in the classic Swiss style of stone setting and his attention to each minute detail ensures that your jewelry is beautiful and enduring.
Clarion’s custom jewelry is admired for its exquisite details—with the front, sides and back of the jewelry all finished beautifully. Some jewelers only completely finish the front or more viewable areas of the jewelry. Clarion Fine Jewelry handcrafts the entire piece of jewelry, detailing areas that are often left unfinished by other jewelers. Clarion works with you to customize jewelry details, often inscripting a personal message or symbol. Young Choo, co-owner of Clarion Fine Jewelry and master goldsmith, handcrafts these custom details, making your jewelry a one-of-a-kind masterpiece. Young trained in jewelry metalsmithing during the 1990s when he emigrated from South Korea, and continued to develop and refine his skills for over 15 years. Young’s experience, artistry and technical skills in the fine art of smithing gold, and the complex fabrication of platinum, enable Clarion to fashion custom jewelry from the finest raw materials.

Clarion Fine Jewelry works with customers from many locations around the world, and is conveniently located to serve people in Fairfax, Washington DC and the greater Northern Virginia area. To create a one-of-a-kind jewelry gift, custom engagement ring, custom pendant or custom earrings contact our jewelry experts at Clarion Fine Jewelry: