Zhejiang Tianpusheng Electric Co., Ltd. is one of the largest manufacturers of electric energy meters in Taizhou City, Zhejiang Province, China. One of the products we promote is the digital kWh meter, which is briefly introduced below.

Electricity meters or electricity meters are indispensable equipment and consume energy that is commercially distributed. When it measures the electrical energy consumed by houses, businesses or electric equipment, it can systematically price the energy consumed by individual consumers. They are usually calibrated in billing units. The most common unit is kilowatt-hour, which is equal to the amount of electricity consumed by a kilowatt load in one hour, or 3,600,000 joules.

There are many error correction methods in digital meters, and these methods are usually based on known A/D converter error correction methods. Most of these methods use software calibration based on the calibration process. In a digital meter, the percentage error may be as low as 0.01%, while in an analog meter, the error usually exceeds 0.05%.

Secondly, the orientation problems associated with electromechanical energy meters are not a problem at all in digital energy meters. Therefore, installation becomes easier. Third, the user-friendly display in the digital meter makes energy reading very easy.

The digital meter uses two basic sensors here. These are voltage and current sensors. The voltage sensor built around the step-down element and the voltage divider network can sense the phase voltage and the load voltage. The second sensor is a current sensor. This can sense the current drawn by the load at any point in time. It is built around current transformers and other active devices (such as voltage comparators) that convert the sensed current into voltage for processing. Then feed the output of the two sensors into a signal (or voltage) regulator to ensure a voltage or signal level that matches the control circuit. It also contains a signal multiplexer that can The two signals are sequentially switched to the analog input (PIC) of the peripheral interface controller.

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