Instructions for Word Matching Games - word unscrambler:

- Table in the middle of the playing area.

– All letter pieces (100) are placed in a cloth bag and shuffled randomly.

– Each person takes 1 bar containing letters and randomly “draws” 7 letters placed on the bar.

– The players together “siccose and rock” to choose the winner to go first, or the oldest or youngest person has priority to go first.

– The first player to line up words in a horizontal or vertical line passes through the center square of the table (starred). The next players take turns placing new words in rows (columns) but adjacent to the old words, so that all the words on the board make sense (according to the rules of the Crossword).

Matching each word, the player will be added points by the total number of letters that make up that word, with the following special characteristics:

If you can fit a letter in the "Double letter score" box, that letter is doubled (triple letter score).

If you can put a letter in the "Double word score" box, after calculating the score of the new word, the score of the whole word will be doubled (triple word score - tripled)

If a user runs out of all seven letters in a row (gets bingo) that person is awarded 50 points.

The person who has just finished matching the word will pick up the number of pieces to make 7 pieces.

The winner of each game is determined by the number of points scored after the letters have been used up.