Over recent decades, the luxury eyewear sector in India has changed drastically with the arrival of millennials. Earlier, prescription spectacles were considered as a visual aid by most people. The affluent Indian customers from metro cities continue to perceive luxury eyewear as an important fashion accessory and show a willingness to spend on these products. Now, eyewear is considered as a medium for self-expression. The type of eyewear you choose discloses a part of your persona, individuality, style, and values. This changing penchant of the millennial in India, especially in terms of their fashion preferences, has played a key role in the market growth of luxury eyewear. As the trend of wearing branded luxury eyewear gathered momentum, the opticians and vendors in India are constantly introducing new models to entice the attention of the Indian customers.

Bonton Opticians, India’s premium fashion eyewear shop is introducing the latest luxury eyewear collection for men and women from the house of the Swiss brand–Von Arkel. Our mission is to deliver the most striking eyewear experience with a range of luxury designer glasses. We have partnered in the right way with the Swiss stakeholders in the distribution of their products in India so that you not only connect with the brand DNA but also offers a unique service experience for the Indian customers. We are aimed at making aspirational luxury eyewear brands more accessible, in terms of entry price and distribution.

The Von Arkel brand reveals an unconcealed love for micromechanics with the precision of Swiss watchmaking. Integrating the revolutionary hinge design, Von Arkel’s exclusive collection signifies the convergence of style, technology, precision and exclusivity. You can observe celebrated craftsmanship in the smallest details of the hinges developed and produced by Switzerland's finest talents. The arrival of this exclusive Swiss label in India further redefines the user’s experience with a touch a prestige and overall refinement.

What makes Von Arkel a unique brand?

Von Arkel is known for its revolutionary Caliber patented hinges displaying Swiss craftsmanship along with the ergonomic technological prowess and design. This brand is a successful amalgamation of contemporary fashion with the glorious legacy of Swiss savoir-faire of watchmaking precision. Von Arkel hinges are a technological marvel made by engineers, master bar turners, designers, as well as master eyewear-craftsmen using the same blending of tempered steel and polishing techniques used in Swiss watchmaking. The crafted hinges are made in Jura a place in Switzerland that is world-renowned as the cradle of the finest watchmaking talents. It is the only hinge of its kind in the world with no screws, rivets, soldering and setting. The hinge fully relies on a unique double-lock mechanism, integrated with friction regulation that allows the frame, lens, and temple to lock together in a classy “Plug & Play” style that ensures complete freedom of arm movement.

There are various hinges available in different finishes, from polished titanium, stainless steel, acetate, buffalo horn to 23.5-carat gold-finished by Physical Vapour Deposition (PVD) colour-coating, where a physical tint is embedded into the metal and coated with diamond-like carbon material to ensure outstanding solidity, sturdiness, and high corrosion resistance. Some hinges are even encrusted with exclusive sapphires, diamonds, and rubies that can be worn as an exclusive jewellery accessory.

Realm of luxury fashion eyewear merged with a vision of class

Initial Von Arkel designer eyewear was solely designed and crafted by Swiss designers keeping in mind the male customers, with bold colours for a strong masculine charisma and perfectly designed to astound. However, recently this Swiss brand has expanded its spectacles collections to appeal to female customers. In the men's spectacles range, the frames stand out with their durable and assertive design. The women’s spectacles range features a modern crafted hinge, with valuable gems embedded at the temple of the eyewear and the design evocates the most precious jewels. Truly a piece of fine adornment, it brings a touch of luxury and exclusivity with the utmost precision. From impeccably balanced hinges to pivotal weight and thickness control, this brand assures maximum comfort along with timeless fashion.

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