There are numerous runewords to be found inDiablo 2 resurrected items, and you may be wondering how to obtain the Ancients Pledge runeword, which can be found in the Ancients Pledge area of the game. Even though runewords provide a wide range of benefits to your character, their true value comes from the fact that you can tailor the benefits you receive by choosing which runewords to apply to your socketed gear. Despite the fact that Ancient's Pledge is not the most powerful rune, it is extremely useful due to the fact that it is extremely inexpensive to produce. This runeword also has the advantage of being available very early in the game's normal difficulty, whereas other runewords can only be obtained later in the game's nightmare or hell difficulties. Created with the help of three runes, it is a powerful weapon. If you'd like to know how to resurrect the Ancients Pledge Runeword in Diablo 2, please continue reading.

As soon as you have completed the Rescue on Mount Arreat mission in Act V, you will be given the runes necessary to complete the Ancients Pledge. When reciting the Ancients Pledge, the runeword combination 'Ral Ort Tal' in that particular order is required. It is critical that you apply the runes in the correct sequence. It is recommended that Ral be placed in the topmost socket, Ort in the middle, and Tal in the bottom socket to achieve the best results. This tool, despite the fact that it does not provide anything particularly noteworthy, is capable of raising opposition. The following straightforward method can be extremely useful when you're trapped in Hell or a Nightmare state.

In addition to its many other effects, the rune has a number of other characteristics, such as resistance to fire, lightning, and poison. A large number of defensive bonuses are also available to players. These can range from increased defense to dealing damage to Mana, among other things.

The Consequences of an Ancient Promise

35% Fire Resistance is a good thing.35% Lightning Resistance is a good thing.

35% of the population is literate. Added Benefits for Making the Poison-Resistant Ancient Pledge

The amount of defense is increased by 50%.

Mana is reduced by 10% as a result of this.

+13% (48% total) is the level of resistance for poison, lightning, and fire.

The body's ability to withstand cold has increased by 43%.

It is necessary to be at least level 21 and equipped with a 3-socket shield in order to be able to create the runeword. If you have off-hand armor that has three sockets (for example, a shield on normal difficulty), you can use this to supplement it. Alternatively, if you don't want to wait until the end of Act V to finish the quest, you can obtain these runes earlier in the game. Act I, The Forbidden Tower, contains a boss battle where you can trade with the Countess boss to obtain Tal and Ral. When you reach Act IV, there is a chance that you will come across Tal or Ral, who have fallen from Hellforge. There is a small chance that these runes will be discovered throughout Act III.

Ord is a little more difficult to master. When you reach the nightmare level or higher in Act 4, you can obtain this item from the Countess. You can transmute three Ral runes into a single Ort rune using the Horadric Cube if you prefer the rune in its normal form rather than the transmuted form. Act IV is also the stage where it has a slight chance of dropping, particularly if you have a high magic find in your inventory.

In order to complete the Ancient Pledge, it is required that you use the Horadric Cube to create all of the runes. In order to learn more about Horadric Cube Recipes inDiablo 2 resurrected items, please read our guide. However, while the Ancient's Pledge runeword is not the only one that can be applied and used in normal difficulty and early in the game, it is the most frequently encountered and used. More information on Diablo 2 Runewords can be found in our other comprehensive guide.