A chain link piece with a dangling AWGE charm is the pair's rendition of Rocky's signature jewellery. As bridalwear continues to loosen its ties to tradition, comfortable options for wedding shoes are increasingly par for the course. But as we've seen time and time again, handbags like the Dior Saddle, Balenciaga City, and Fendi Baguette have the potential to make a comeback and their return on investment increases as they come back into trend, says Rebag's CEO, Charles Gorra. In truth, there was a lot vying for our attention this month.

Art and design is an integral part of me. It takes 2,720 litres of water to make just one cotton T-shirt - as much as a single person would drink over three years. My penchant for dressing outlandishly continued when I moved to London. The sheer excitement of getting back to YSL Shoes live shows was powerful, even if many of us experienced them virtually. It's heartbreaking how gorgeous it was, she says of the look. Gamine is minimalistic. A zingy green, full-length terry dress with a fringed neckline and 18th century-esque padded hips it's as off-kilter as it sounds, was the closing look in Daniel Lee's Bottega Veneta showcase, and was preceded by a coral version.

It is part of their commitment to creating a safe and fair digital arena-the foundation concept of their upcoming digital capsule collection. Take for instance the 360 knitted Saint Laurent Sneakers sneakers, the G-woven sandals and mules, or the new 4G soft monogram bag-or, indeed, the Kenny, named after Kendall Jenner. I'm not trying to sell expensive investment jewellery, she muses. Palau likened the silhouette to the enduring reference that is Catherine Deneuve's signature half-up style, but with a more modern and futuristic twist; the centre panel of hair sculpted flat to the head shape, as opposed to teased up to voluminous effect.

The sheer excitement of getting back to live shows was powerful, even if many of us experienced them virtually. After going virtual last year, the glitzy Emmys step and repeat is expected to come back this evening. Growing up in Northern Ireland, experimenting with clothes helped me to discover who I was. For me, clothing has Saint Laurent Sale been all of these things at different moments. If there were a Fashion Olympics, AAP Rocky and Amina Muaddi would have to battle it out for the gold medal in personal style.