I can imagine bosses OSRS Gold For Sale at Dung style bosses to make more difficult bosses. There are a few things you need to do in order to be successful. Although some bosses might be less efficient than others (Lexicus comes in mind), I believe it would be a good idea to change the methods that are used to kill them. This could result in exciting boss battles.

Jagex and the Dangers of a Half Assed Wildy

With all the excitement about the revival of the wilderness, I will examine the implications to the game. How the new mechanics from the past few years will work with "the wildy", and what issues this might create.

First let's talk about the boundaries of wilderness, prior to 07 there was no safe zone and, as the basis of the current design for wilderness, it includes safe zones. Although you could argue that they should be kept but they do not help the movement of the current fights. The idea is to move into a secure zone, and it also concentrates fighting around them.

This is a reversal of the primary goal of the lawless zone. It is time to consider whether we can get a new redesigned wilderness, either the one we see in BH Worlds or the one we have now. This raises another issue, current activities in the wilderness that were not RS 2007 Goldprior to. Should you stay or go? What impact could this impact?