It is possible to send and receive emails quickly and easily using Gmail's basic tools thanks to Gmail's highly dynamic communication platform. Two step verification is an added layer of protection for Gmail. Many people do not use the two-step verification on the gmail account because they do not know how to enable it. If you are one of the gmail users that do not know how to enable the two step verification Gmail then head to the steps mentioned below in this article and turn on the two step verification on a gmail account within a few minutes.

Steps to enable the 2 step verification on my Gmail account

  1. Click on your profile image to see your account's settings.
  2. Click on the MANAGE YOUR GOOGLE ACCOUNT option available underneath your Google e-mail account.
  3. Open a new window and pick SECURITY from the menu bar on the left side by clicking on it.
  4. The SIGNING IN TO GOOGLE part is at the bottom of the window, so click on it.
  5. Hover over the 2 STEP VERIFICATION option in this area and click on the OFF written below it to enable it.
  6. Click on the GET STARTED using the blue button to open a new menu.
  7. On login screen you can double-check that the account is indeed yours by entering your login details once more.
  8. When prompted for your mobile number, type in the chosen number under WHAT PHONE NUMBER YOU WANT TO USE.
  9. Select the way you like to get the code.
  10. You can select to receive it through phone call or text message, depending on how you prefer to receive information.
  11. Click the NEXT button to proceed.
  12. Enter the code you received via your selected method on the following page and click NEXT.
  13. Click on the blue button with the word "TURN ON" placed on top of the page to enable two-step verification.

This 2 step verification may be turned off at any time by re-following the above procedures . Gmail 2 factor authentication is great but in some instances you may have to disable it for security reasons. If you ever experience issues where you need to disable two factor authentication, then call us on our Gmail support number.