Libra and gemini compatibility

Love Compatibility

Find out if your partnership will go all the way. Some Sun Signs naturally work well together, but others need to compromise to make it work!

Gemini Libra

Fun and flirty are the keywords for Gemini and Libra’s compatibility  relationship. These two social butterflies have an easy-breezy dynamic, as you might expect from two air-dominant signs. With their suns forming a harmonious trine, there is mutual understanding between the two. They’ll understand how they the other thinks and communicates (and when one of them needs space). Air signs love ideas, communicating, and connecting, so it is very likely these two will either meet online, know each other from mutual friends, take a class together, or unexpectedly have a chance encounter at an event—like a concert, museum exhibit, or the library.

As two people who love to socialize, when a Gemini and a Libra are dating, neither one will ever be on the receiving end of the phrase, “I didn’t see your message.” No text will go unanswered and these two are never more than arm’s reach away from their phones, their mutual lifeblood for staying in touch with their vast and wide social networks. When planning dates, their modus operandi will be what will attract the most likes when they post photos of the occasion online later. Is it tickets to a summer concert series with front row tickets to see the headliners? Is it holding a playbill of the most trending theater play? An artfully arranged photo op of dinner for two at the most exclusive restaurant in town? For them, dates are opportunities for mixing and mingling—with each other, but especially with other people. They enjoy group dates, so prepare for a calendar filled with post-work networking events, tickets to shows and concerts, and of course, fun group photos with everyone tightly pressed together.
Neither Gemini nor Libra loves to argue, so as a couple, expect both people to aim to please. They’ll encourage each other with lots of enthusiasm, with a baseline that angles towards agreement. If and when they do argue, they both may initially deploy a “ghosting” strategy. Air signs, when upset, need space to clear their heads. When they do come back together, they will both make sincere attempts to be rational and reasonable while stating their case as to what displeased them.

While they can accept opposing viewpoints more easily than most, they may also run into problems when someone needs to make a firm decision. That’s when Libra’s trademark indecisiveness brings out Gemini’s penchant for changing their mind often. In order for this relationship to progress, or even for a simple decision to be made (like what to have for dinner), someone needs to take charge. And neither sign loves to do that. There can be a lack of forward momentum as both will feel overwhelmed by too many choices. Should they stay friends or start dating? Should they remain casual or become exclusive? These concepts will take a lot of rumination and back-and-forth between the two. However, as long as neither one gets too frustrated and learns to work through challenges by taking responsibility and accountability, this relationship is made to last.

Gemini and Libra are both guided by the element of Air and this should give them a good start for their mental connection and verbal understanding. When it comes to sex, this is a plus, for they will both be free to communicate anything that bothers or satisfies them. Fragile ego of Libra can be lifted by Gemini’s charm and approach to sex. They seem to know how to make everything a little less serious and this will help their Libra partner open up and share their emotions through sex, too. When Gemini partner sees how mellow Libra can be, although they seem so tactful and cold, they won’t have much choice but to share emotions as well.

The main goal in their sexual life is, in fact, to balance these emotions. Libra is a sign ruled by Venus, sexual, sensual and seductive, while Gemini is ruled by Mercury, having no sexual or emotional wisdom. The basis of a good sex life between them is their curiosity, for Libra is always curious about their partner, as much as Gemini is curious about everything else. Although Libra might be indecisive, Gemini won’t have a problem thinking of a different approach and finding new techniques, words and adventures to spice up their sexual encounters.

Gemini & Libra Trust

When Libra decides to be with someone, even if it is after a long, hard inner battle, they will probably believe in their words and their actions. When they choose a partner, they choose them for their character and their straightforward nature. Libra has no reason to doubt their own judgment and will probably believe their Gemini in every case, except when their dishonesty is too obvious. In return, Gemini will respect Libra’s need to flirt in order to be accepted and loved by other people. Not only will they not find this threatening, but they will actually enjoy a consequence of this behavior – their own freedom.

Gemini & Libra Communication And Intellect

Gemini partner is very opinionated and Libra has a tendency to take a lot of things their partner says as a personal insult. Although Gemini will, in most cases, just follow their rational nature and comment on things simply because they want to talk, it will be hard on Libra to overcome some of the things they might say. The sign of Libra is very sensitive to any sort of will imposing or criticism and will recognize it even when Gemini has no idea what their partner is imagining. Who’s to say which one of them is right?

Since no two people can agree on everything every time each of them opens their mouth to speak, Gemini and Libra can have a very hurtful and tough communication due to the mutual lack of tolerance. Gemini partner would rather go blind than accept that they have a lack of tolerance, but the truth is they can be quite strict when it comes to someone’s mental activity and their opinions. Libra is in most cases hurt enough by the pressure on their personality produced in their primal family, so they will have a very bad response to this behavior even if Gemini meant nothing wrong.

The main issue here is in the fact that Gemini lives to learn and teach what they have learned. They often present themselves as someone who knows things, and Libra can see this as their need to prove their intellectual dominance. Even though this isn’t their intention in most cases, sometimes a single sentence Gemini said can be something Libra feels hurt by for years to come. Libra can learn from a teacher, from someone who has proven their worth, but hardly from their know-it-all partner.

Gemini & Libra Emotions

The way Libra’s emotions develop is something really suitable for Gemini. They seem to be in sync while Libra partner searches for depth, and Gemini flies around looking for a new discovery. They won’t even notice as love between them starts to show, one of them running around and the other thinking about reasons why they wouldn’t be perfect together.

We could say that neither of them is very emotional, but Libra is ruled by Venus, so there is a strong link to an emotional plain here. The problem develops when they both talk too much about their emotions, while none of them stops to actually feel. They can remain detached and distant, unless Libra falls in love deeply enough to follow their Gemini partner wherever they go, and Gemini falls in love deeply enough for all words to lose meaning.

Gemini & Libra Values

While Libra will value consistency and someone being responsible and reliable, Gemini will be very different from this, with opposing values as well. Gemini will value someone’s creativity and intellectual strength and this is something Libra can’t respond to if their Sun is in its lowest state. Their meeting point is in their value of intellect, however strange it may seem. They are both Air signs and give a lot of attention to their partner’s mental personality and the way they think. They could find a way to tease each other with words, seduce each other and in the end find a way to communicate everything else – in case they both care enough.

Gemini & Libra Shared Activities

Libra is your typical activity chameleon when they fall in love. They want to examine the world of their partner, beginning to end, and will gladly follow them around in all their activities expecting the same in return. However, this can end in an unfortunate way, leaving Libra with their energy drained and wishes not granted. Gemini just doesn’t care about following their partner only because they want to be followed. Both of them need to keep their expectations low and let their partner surprise them by something new and exciting. They will enjoy various activities together, but in order to do so, they need to respect each other’s limits and desires to begin with.

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