The game has been played by millions of people all over the world since its release in 2004, and millions more are still immersed in the game's world and exploring its depths. In addition to providing us with a plethora of new content to discuss, the question of whether or not Diablo 2: Resurrected will receive any additional content after its initial release is one that should not be overlooked. This decision has had the unfortunate consequence of removing TCP/IP functionality from the new game, which has been devastating to the most popular Diablo 2 modding communities and the talented modders who have managed to keep the ancient game feeling fresh even while it is still under development.

More Diablo 2 content is now available, including the following:However, while the possibility of a resurrection has not been ruled out at this time, the development team is prioritizing the establishment of a solid foundation as its top priority at this time. When asked about the current state of affairs, Gallerani responded in the following manner:

We needed to lay a rock-solid foundation for the third and fourth floors of this building first, so we began at the ground level and worked our way up to the top floor, where we completed the project in record time. It's possible that we made a mistake in our understanding of the fundamental game, in which case everything else we were producing would have appeared a little pointless in the first place. Right now, our primary focus is on making certain that the core game is executed flawlessly. The outcome of any decisions we make to add new runewords, new objects, or to rebalance the game after it has been released to the public will be determined by time and circumstance.

Compared to the original Diablo 2, there has been a significant shift in how bots and dupes are dealt with. Bots and dupes flooded ladder seasons in the originalbuy Diablo 2 resurrected items. Following the official release, it was determined that a high priority should be placed on maintaining the greatest amount of authenticity possible in the game, while also implementing additional analytics to monitor the Diablo 2: Resurrected economy in real time.

Several minor tweaks here and there will help to keep the in-game online economy more balanced and prevent people from duplicating specific products in large quantities as Gallerani has done in the past, according to him. In order to explain how he has been able to deceive so many people with the Stone of Jordan, he claims that it was previously used as a form of currency between players, and that this is the reason he has been able to deceive so many people in the past. He cautions that the system is not without flaws, but he believes that the new systems will aid in defending against difficulties far more effectively than they did in the past.