In addition to the "Wick's Adventure" cloning version and a large sequel, including the long-awaited "Avatar 2", there is a lot of exciting, high concept of 2022 action movie news.
Because Hollywood is still released by Covid-19 popular movies, there will be a huge flip period in 2022. This year, the recently produced movie is released, as well as the last batch of movies that have been postponed for a long time.
There are several movies in history, the most expected action movie news. In 2022, it will be a good year of the moving film. There is a four-tailed beast filled with guns. It has the blue hedgehog that combines with evil doctors. It is also the first great video game movie. Of course, the date of the issuance will always change, especially.
"Death" 4
When the "Death Squad" was released in 2010, a movement movie starring almost all the heroes in the 1980s was a novel idea. The sequel has been expanded on this basis, and a male actor lineup is used in each movie of continuous issuance.
This series is like an unofficial action star celebrities, but because the last movie has been over 8 years, more stars are needed. However, the audience watch is not just a movie star, because the "dare to die" is known for the movement scene, and the fourth film will undoubtedly a huge scene.
Director Cover Ridge has been a winning victory. As the "gentleman" in 2019, like this year's "people 's wrath", "Wealth Action" is another criminal action film, and there is no doubt that it will be fully known to the typical idiochemical humor.
This movie tells a super spy to recruit a Hollywood movie star to help them prevent the story of a billionaire arms. Rich and Hugh Grant reunited, Jason Stanson also appeared in this movie. Stanson and Rich are one of the best director and actor portfolios.
Since the first large-scale video game movie in 1993, most players and audiences believe that there is no excellent video game adaptation. However, "mysterious sea" is likely to change this status quo in 2022.
These four games are unfolded around the treasure hunter Nathan Drake, and they are all in-depth research topics. The best result will be that this movie has opened a modern version of the Indiana Jones series movie. Although this film is not entirely exciting, it seems to be full of incredible scenes because the trailer is played like the most exciting action fragment in the series of video games.
The hit rate of Michael Bay is not the highest, because the critics believe that his "Transformers" movie is getting worse, his movie is full of exaggeration metaphor. But it is undeniable that the movie of this director is definitely pleasing to the audience.
No one is better than the popcorn movie he did, and his latest "ambulance" may become one of the best movies of Beckham. This movie tells the two banks robbed a ambulance to escape, but they deduct the emergency personnel and a critical police. Although it still has a typical Los Angeles exaggerated lens and Hua, it looks more like a serious side of the work.
Hedgehog Sonik 2
Although there are many disputes around Sonyke, "hedgehog Sonik" has got huge success. Although it is not a movie that can get countless awards, it is full of endless entertaining, and "blue speed" will return in 2022.
"Hedgehog Sonik 2" seems to explore the world more deeply, because it will introduce Tails and Knuckles, Dr. Robotnik is now the player's well known EGG MAN. The first movie is released before the epidemic, and the second movie is released after two years of epidemics, so fast shooting speed is impressive.