Amazon’s goal is to improve the endgame experience in its fantasy MMO New World through a new feature called expedition mutators, which will change the complexity and difficulty of combat encounters and provide players with better New World Gold, including New customized equipment and resources.

If you do well enough in the mutant adventure, the player will enter the next mutant difficulty level and Buy New World Coins. But it's not easy. Amazon warns that the recommended equipment score is very important for mutant adventures. Because it directly affects the size of the enemy, and higher difficulty is expected to be more difficult.

Expedition mutator can now be used in the New World public testing area. In order to facilitate testing and to ensure that players can obtain a series of mutations in multiple endgame adventures, the mutagen rotation will be accelerated during the testing period. All players on the test server will get an equipment score of 600 to start loading, as well as a large number of keys to run the expedition, and to provide all PTR players with the maximum loading test in the last week, so everyone can perform appropriate tests under the 10-level difficulty mutation run.

Since its launch last year, New World has been struggling with many errors and loopholes, but the endgame content has also been an issue. PTR provides a new resource called Umbral Shards, which allows players to upgrade items with equipment points ranging from 600 to 625. PTR also increased the cost of summoning beasts, made some combat-related adjustments, and reduced the cost of fast travel.