Packers and Movers is a booming business in India as of now. The business basically operates on a western model. Before this business model came to India the operation was conducted in a conventional way where a lorry was hired and all the stuff was packed and transported to respective location. In western countries especially in United States of America this entire process began to be provided by the service providers.

Then what, in matter of years the entire model was adapted by Indians. And the business began with a blast. It grew so fast that you can find at the least 30 service providers in a city on an average. And so competition also grew fast and like for any business competition also came up to be good for consumers.

However in this article we will cover 3 major reasons for fast boom of this business of packers and movers in hyderabad .

  • Small Investment

Unlike a traditional transportation services, packers and movers do not need a huge amount to start. A transportation business will require lacs to crores of rupees to get into the business. Where as a packers and movers will need only some thousands of rupees to start. Some Rs. 2000-5000 for registrations, some Rs. 5000-8000 for renting an office, some Rs. 1500-3000 for stationary, some Rs. 10,000-20,000 for website, marketing & advertisement. With this much investment one can easily kick start his own firm or relocation & shifting office, home and other businesses.

  • Zero Risk

The risk in packers and movers business is so low that it can almost be considered as zero risk business. One do not need to invest in his or her own utilities. One can easily find a good vehicle on rent, the stuff on the clients can be insured by various companies and the amount to be paid for the hired lorry and labour work is always later. So basically the entire project works on zero risk for the vendor. So it makes the business very lucrative for the people looking to make a career in the business.

  • Quick Money

Unlike the conventional transportation system where the transporter has to wait for months for the payment to clear, in packers and movers business the vendor gets the entire payment or 80% payment in advance. This is one of the best reasons for people to get into the business. Because the moment they are willing to do a project they get the return of the project.

So these were the major three reasons for such a boost in packers and movers in ahmedabad field in India. However with every growing business some challenges come forward. But this relocation and shifting business is exponentially growing and has a solid potential for at least three more decades.