Group Citadel 2 Classic is a totally free mod of the 2007 game Team Citadel 2, developed by Eminem and also utilizing the Resource engine. It was produced in response to the considerable changes the video game undertook from its launch to the here and now day. The mod re-imagines the video game using its 2008-2009 manifestation, additionally called the Classic Period, prior to brand-new functions began to be added. Structure on a 2008 leakage of the game's resource code, the mod includes not simply community-made material, yet additionally remodeled material that was reduced from the original video game's advancement, and content based on Team Fortress Standard. This includes new weapons, game modes, and also 2 new teams (GRN as well as YAW) utilized in some game settings in addition to the base video game's RED and also BLU teams. Enhancements to the mod also significantly include the Private citizen, a scrapped character from Group Citadel 2.

The most in-depth and demanding mode of NBA 2K21 should probably be MGM. Whether it's maintaining relationships with employees and negotiating for superstars, this wonderful company is quite similar to the actual tasks of being a general manager of a real NBA team. However, when it comes to uploading classes in the mode, the immersion can stop there for you — at least for a short period.

Frustrations of the first season

The biggest criticism about MGM in NBA 2K20 was the fact that users could not implement a user-created draft classes before finishing your first simulated season. The inability of 2K to let you do this has left you with false and horrible recruits that have affected the rest of your MGM experience.

Unfortunately, the same problem also affects mode in 2K21. As many other fixes arrive in other games of the game, we can only hope that this will also be corrected before the start of the season. Yet 2K showed no indication to do so.

MyGM 2.0 - Unranked options - Custom roster, draft class, summer league How to download preliminary classes in the coming seasons

For those who have already finished their first season, you will be able to download rough classes created by the users via the Scout option in the main menu of the mode. Find and click Prospect Scouting, then tap the triangle, if you are on PlayStation, or Y, for Xbox users, and it will ask you to download the custom class of your choice.

If you are looking for actual and future draft classes, they are usually at the top of the pile because they are most uploaded every year. Since you download content, your console will need Wi-Fi to do this. Once downloaded, you can still access your offline MGM backup.

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