If you have recently created your new blog or you are learning about blogging then you must have heard the name of Backlinks. Understanding what is backlink and what is their importance becomes a bit difficult task for new bloggers. Because they do not know at all why backlinks are necessary.

But you do not need to take tension at all. In today's post What Is Backlink In Hindi we will explain in very simple language what is backlink and how to create backlinks to improve the ranking of your blog. That is, here you are going to get complete information about Backlinks.

If you have started blogging then you must have read about SEO. SEO i.e. Search Engine Optimization is a method by which your rankings can be improved. For the success of any website or blog, it is very important to do SEO properly, only then you will be able to get Organic Traffic.

Backlinks are a very important part of this SEO. You should understand something like this that SEO done by you without backlinks is always considered incomplete. You must have read in our previous post How to do SEO that Backlinks are the most important part of Off Page SEO.

You do not need any special talent or information to understand what a backlink is. A lot can be understood from its name itself. “Back Link” means you are getting a link from somewhere behind or you are linked with someone or the other. Let us explain you in detail.

What is Backlink – Complete information about Backlinks

When you create your new blog, you put good posts by working hard on it. When you check your posts in Google Search Results after indexing, where is my post coming? Then your heart breaks.

Because either your post is not there at all, and even if it is, then it is on 9th, 10th or 11th page. What we mean to say is that your posts are not able to rank well. Although you must have seen that your content is much better than those whose websites are showing on 1st or 2nd page.

This hurts you a lot and you also get a little demotivate. But do you know why this happens? In fact, in the last 2 years, there have been a lot of changes in Google Aglorithm and their rules. Lots of things have changed. One of those things is the Google Trust Factor.

Actually Google no longer provides good rankings to any new website immediately. Because he does not have full faith in the new website or blog that it is completely correct. Google wants to do a thorough research about your work first. He takes some time to understand everything about you.

When you work continuously for 3 to 5 months in a proper and legal way, then Google starts having a little trust in you. After that Google starts improving the ranking of your posts gradually. Backlinks are used to increase this Trust Factor as quickly as possible and backlinks are made.

What is Backlink? To understand this, it is important to first understand the Google Trust Factor. Now you will understand very easily that What Is Backlink. Suppose you have been working continuously on your blog for the last one month and none of your posts is getting a good rank.

Means Google currently has Trust 0 ie zero on you. Now suppose a blog owner with your own niche, whose blog is very old and his DA and PA is high, puts a link to your blog in any post of his blog. You get High Quality (Do Follow) Backlink from there.

So what will happen now? Now Google will see that such an old and good website has linked this website in its post, so it means good information is available on that website as well. Google thinks that if such an old blogger has confidence in doing this new website, then we should also do it.

Because of this, Google's trust on you starts increasing and your ranking suddenly starts improving. All your posts slowly start coming up. Similarly, whenever you make a backlink from any old and good websites, your Ranking Improvement will happen every time.

Because every time Google's trust in you will increase. So you understand? Without making backlinks, where it was taking 5-6 months for the posts to reach the third and fourth page, while making 2-3 good backlinks, many of your good posts come to the first or second page in just 1 or 2 .

So what is Backlink and why it is important to create Backlinks, you must have understood easily. To get our website ranked in the shortest possible time, we need to make good backlinks so that as soon as possible Google starts trusting us and gives good ranking to our posts.

The benefits of making great backlinks are the only advantages. Due to this, Google indexes your posts quickly, gives good ranking and your DA and PA also starts increasing rapidly. In making backlinks, not only do you get organic traffic very well, but traffic also starts coming from the website on which your link is.

So in very simple language, when you put the link of your website on any other website, it is called Backlink. That is, your website is getting backlink from that website. Your website has been linked with his website. Google has a good relationship between you and that website.

But wait, there are also 2 types of backlinks. It is very important for you to understand them separately. Because just getting a link from a website is not enough, but what type of link it has given you is more important. Let us know how many types of backlinks are there.

Types Of Backlink In Hindi – Types Of Backlinks

Backlinks are mainly of two types in the language of blogging. One is Do Follow Backlink and the other is No Follow Backlink. If you want complete information about Backlink, then you have to understand about both of them very well. So let's first know What Is Do Follow Backlink In Hindi.

Do Follow Backlink – Do Follow Backlinks are those backlinks which not only can any person see, but Google also indexes them. This is High Quality Backlink which is also called Juicy Link. Because when you take Do Follow Link from any website, you get Link Juice from there.

Due to the passing of Link Juice, you also get some benefit from that website from where it has made its backlinks and your Ranking Improvement starts happening. If you right click on this type of link and click on “Inspect Element”, you will not see the tag of “No Follow”.

Meaning that this is a Do Follow Backlink. When Google's Crawlers come to this link, the tag of "Do Follow" present in it indicates to Google to index it. Google indexes it and the link to your website is visible to Google. With this your ranking starts increasing.

To get Quality Backlinks, you can share your website in Social Media Platform. Through this, you will get backlinks

That is, a link in which the tag of "Do Follow" is visible, or in which there is no tag of "No Follow" or there is no tag of any kind, just a direct hyperlink, then it is called Do Follow Backlink. In simple words, Google indexes Do Follow Backlinks and not others.

No Follow Backlinks – As its name suggests, there is a tag of “No Follow” in such backlinks. This "No Follow" tag does not allow Search Engines to index it, due to which all search engines like Google or Bing etc. do not index it.

Apart from this, they also do not pass any kind of Link Juice and they cannot be called High Quality Backlinks. When you check these types of links by doing “Inspect Element”, you will definitely see the tag of “No Follow” in them.

They cannot compete with Do Follow Backlinks at all, but they also have some minor advantages. For example, if you have made many No Follow Backlinks by commenting on many good websites, then they are useful in increasing your Domain Authority.

Apart from this, by clicking on your link on the blog on which you have commented, some of its readers also come to your blog, which increases traffic. Most importantly, if you create only and only Do Follow Backlink for your website, then Google looks at it with a little doubt.

By the way, Google is gradually eliminating the importance of No Follow Backlinks completely. But to maintain the balance, along with Do Follow, also create No Follow backlinks. This was the complete information about Backlinks, now know how to create Backlinks for your blog.