When the UV disinfection machine is working, because the UV germicidal lamp is sealed in the cabinet disinfection room, it only sterilizes the filter series, and there is no UV leakage outside the cabinet. In addition, the selected high-intensity UV lamp is ozone-free, and there is ozone in the air during operation. The amount is less than or equal to 0.1mg/m3, which is lower than the national standard of 0.15mg/m3. Therefore, dynamic disinfection can be carried out in the presence of people, and "human-machine coexistence" can be realized.

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Compared with conventional sterilization methods, ozone sterilization also has the following advantages:

1. High cleanliness: Ozone quickly decomposes into oxygen, which is the unique advantage of ozone as a disinfection and sterilization. Ozone is produced by using oxygen in the air. During the disinfection process, the excess oxygen is combined into oxygen molecules after 30 minutes. There is no residue, which solves the problem of secondary pollution caused by disinfectant disinfection methods and eliminates them. Clean again after disinfection.

2. High efficiency: Ozone disinfection and sterilization use air as the medium, without any other auxiliary materials and additives. The body has good inclusiveness, complete sterilization, and Tongjin has a strong function of removing mildew, fishy, ​​odor and other odors.

3. Economical: Compared with the use and operation of ozone disinfection and sterilization in many pharmaceutical industries and medical and health institutions, the ozone disinfection method has great economic and social benefits compared with other methods. In today's rapid industrial development, environmental issues are particularly important, but ozone disinfection avoids secondary pollution caused by other disinfection methods.

4. Convenience: Ozone sterilizers are generally installed in clean rooms or air purification systems or sterilization rooms (such as ozone sterilizers, transfer windows, etc.). According to the sterilization concentration and time verified by debugging, set the time-based opening and running time of the sterilizer, which is easy to operate and use.