In Lost Ark, Berserker is one of the powerful classes. It is an advanced class that is suitable for beginners, tank type, and specializes in AoE in the warrior class. Berserker is a wild force on the battlefield. They wield a huge giant sword and caused huge damage through a wide range of AoE attacks, despite the slow animation time.

When the player enters the Berserker mode triggered by anger, they can easily sweep through a huge pool of enemies. In this form, the attack speed and range have been greatly improved. In general, Berserker is a simple class, which may become a PvE or PvP powerhouse, depending on the player's choice of construction. For more information about Lost Ark, please visit

Berserker mode can be used in PvE and PvP, but it is very satisfactory in PvE. Sculpting is a passive gain that can increase the player's class customization by ten times. The first is the reward carving of the two classes. These will affect the player's "Burst" ability, or the player's Berserker mode, that is, the player's identity skills.

According to data from KR and RU servers, Berserker's Technique has seen a lot of play in the player's standard PvE and PvP DPS construction. However, both types of sculpting are feasible and depend mainly on the player's game style. Berserker is a great class because players can set a setting for PvE and PvP without changing the setting. Players can find more information in MMOWTS.