Nba 2k22 Mt has just released within the last couple of weeks and along with it seen a huge number of players wonderinghow to change the 2K22 affiliation. The affiliations can be extremely important to some players, and with four it can be easy to fall into a situation you don't want be. Luckily, the process is extremely simple and should take players no time at all to make the switch to a new one.

In the beginning, players need to decide the 2K22 affiliation that they'd wish to belong to. Once you've decided, make your

way over to the town hall located in the direction of the group you would like to join. You will enter through the posts infront and climb up the stairs and you'll be greeted by 2 security guards.

The only thing players need be able to communicate with the security guards. Once they have spoken, the menu above willpop up. Click the button to sign up to the organization you wish to join and voila! You're now officially part of the new alliance and have changed from the previous one!

It should be noted that once a player switch affiliations, 2K22 will reset all rep and progress for the character. Keep this in mind when switching affiliations, players should make sure to switch affiliations late in the grind only should they really want to. We recommend switching at early in the game to reduce the loss of progress because it's extremely precious and lengthy. Be aware that after the switch, it might take just a bit in order for your game to get caught up, and then move you to a different starting point, so please take your time and don't stress about this.

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