Marine MTU 396 series engines have undergone technological innovations in supercharging, fuel injection, combustion and cooling systems. The marine MTU396 engine maintains the world's leading level of diesel engines in terms of performance and quality. What are the structural characteristics of the MTU 396 series engine?

1. Sequential pressurization

The MTU 396 series engines continue to use the sequential supercharging introduced 6 years ago. A baffle is installed in front of the turbocharger compressor and in front of the turbine to realize automatic control of the turbocharger. This is an innovative step to satisfy the choice of high-power engines for boats.

The sequential supercharging system of the MTU 396 series engine controls the work of the supercharger according to the requirements of variable power. At low load and part load, the exhaust volume is relatively low. This system directs all the gas to one of the two (or 3) boosters, which significantly increases the charge air pressure and air mass flow. And supercharger efficiency.

The second supercharger of MTU 396 series engine con application. The sequential supercharging system of the MTU 396 series engine greatly expands the engine torque range and improves the engine'strols the baffle through the electronic device, and enters the work at the optimal point of the speed-to-power ratio depending on the specific partial load characteristics. The fuel consumption rate is kept very low throughout the speed range.

2. High pressure jet

The MTU 396 series engine adopts a high-pressure fuel injection system, which shortens the duration of fuel injection and enables good fuel atomization. High-pressure fuel injection can also ensure accurate combustion time, achieving the best compromise between combustion burst pressure, fuel consumption rate and exhaust gas emissions.

Marine MTU 396 series engine

3. Cylinder oil cut-off and charge conversion

When the MTU 396 series engine is working in variable speed conditions (low-speed idling), the cylinder can be used to drain the oil (stop the oil supply to half of the cylinders). This system improves the combustion when the engine is idling, shortens the engine warm-up time, and avoids the white smoke generated by the exhaust towel due to unburned diesel.

Charge conversion is used on 12V and 16V TB84/TB94 diesel engines, and its function is matched with the cylinder oil cut-off. When the MTU 396 series engine is idling, it transfers a large amount of compressed air in the fuel-cut cylinder to the working cylinder to participate in combustion. Therefore, the amount of combustion air in the working cylinder is increased.

4. Electronic speed regulation and control system

The R082 electronic governor is used as a standard component on the MTU 396 series engine. The main advantages of using an electronic governor are:

The digital working mode of MTU 396 series engine, the setting value and adjustment accuracy are not affected by wear and temperature.

Adjust the engine speed through electrical signals, and there is no old pneumatic or mechanical connection between the pedal (or button) and the governor;

The MTU 396 series engine has strong responsiveness, easily adapts to changes in speed and power, and can run without risk.

There are interfaces to realize multi-function monitoring and control.

5. TE type cooling system

The TE cooling system is the latest dual-loop cooling system developed by MTU that can control the temperature of the charge air coolant, so the air temperature in front of the cylinder is affected by the engine power. At full load, the dual-loop cooling system can make the air temperature drop quite low, so that more air enters the cylinder, which provides a prerequisite for increasing the output power and high-efficiency combustion of the MTU 396 series engine.

The above is the relevant introduction to the structural characteristics of the MTU 396 series engine. The marine MTU396 engine can be used in various fast passenger ships and ferries, including hydrofoils, catamarans and hovercraft. If you have more questions about marine MTU 396 series engines, please contact Guangzhou Hui Yuan Mechanical & Electrical Co., Ltd.!