Having been established and operated for nearly 150 years, Bissell company is well-known for manufacturing valuable homecare products.

Following Best Rated Vacuum Cleaners reviews, Bissell vacuum cleaners, as one of their stunning examples, have had the world at its feet due to reasonable prices and reliability.

However, some presented questions related to the offering from the company, which I would give answers right below.

#1 How Long Does A Bissell Vacuum Last?

Typically, a Bissell vacuum cleaner can last from 7 to 8 years. Of course, depending on the specific type of vacuum and the frequency of maintenance, the machine can endure longer or shorter. There are many Bissell models you can opt for, such as a handheld, robotic, upright, canister, and cordless vacuum cleaner.

#2 Bissell Vs. Hoover: Which One Should I Choose?

According to Best vacuum cleaner reviews , Bissell vacuums might be slightly better than the Hoove ones. For instance, a Bissell upright machine can clean a more expansive area per pass. Besides, it is well-equipped with a "One Pass" cleaning technology and a TurboBrush tool, which a Hoover device lacks.

However, that might also depend on your needs. If you want to find a cordless stick vacuum, the Hoover might surpass its counterpart with longer battery life and a larger dust cup capacity.

#3 What Is The Most Brand New Bissell Vacuum?

A Bissell CrossWave CordlessMax is the author's answer. Its most incredible feature lies in the functional head. That is to say, it can wash floors and vacuum simultaneously, saving your time ultimately. Besides, there is an advanced 36V lithium-ion battery built-in, which can last up to 30 minutes.

The cordless vacuum cleaner performs well on various surfaces like rugs, carpets, and sealed hardwood floors.

#4 Why Does A Bissell CrossWave Leave Dirty Streaks?

There are some main reasons why a Bissell CrossWave makes dirt streaks. Firstly, it might result from the redundant amount of water used, making the brushes over-saturated.

Besides, the culprit might be the trigger. So, you can try to release the trigger and clean through the wet areas without spraying again. The method makes the floor dry.

Lastly, dirty brush rolls could also make dirt streaks. Clean them to address the issue.

#5 How Are Bissell CrossWave Models Different?

Accessories involved are the main difference between Bissell CrossWave vacuums. For instance, an additional pet hair filter lies in the dirty water tank and a tangle-free brush roll attached with the Pet Pro version.

Apart from that, the 1785w, 1785a, and 1785 models are well-equipped with a parking tray, a multi-surface brush roll, and settings of surface cleaner.

Furthermore, you can distinguish the models based on their different colors, design, and suction power.

Final Words

To sum up, above are some frequent questions and answers about the Best vacuum cleaner brands - Bissell and its products.

Via the information, I hope you could find and use a suitable vacuum from the Bissell company at best!

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