Most people always have a plan to buy their dream car or the latest model of their favourite car brand. Why do people mostly think there is only one way they can have a car, and this is by buying it? You would probably be thinking about the cons of leasing a car which makes it favourable to buy one instead. There is one more option that most people tend to overlook - car subscription Melbourne around.

Most people get confused about car subscriptions Melbourne Victoria with leasing. One of the major differences is there's no personal ownership in a car subscription. Here are more perks that a car subscription offers you.

  • Subscription Plans Has All-Inclusive Prices

Vehicle registration, daily maintenance, service, pollution certificates, taxation, and insurance payments are just a few of the costs associated with having a personal vehicle. Managing all of the cash flows on a monthly basis might be difficult. You only have to pay the rent for the flexible tenure, and the longer the tenure, the lower the rental price will be. So, rent a car, fill up the tank, and head out on the road to your destination.

  • Flexible Tenure Options

Subscribe takes care of all of your mobility demands, whether they are short-term, long-term, or dynamic. You can upgrade to your favourite new automobile as soon as the tenure finishes, and drive home a brand new car, thanks to the flexible tenure options that brands offer. You may also extend your subscription from the options available if you love the automobile you're driving. It's actually quite simple!

  • Easy Access To Latest Car Models

Flexible automobile subscriptions are available for the most recent models that are still protected by the manufacturer's warranty. These cars will provide the finest mileage and service, and you can take your car to a branded service centre for scheduled maintenance, such as free servicing, oil changes, and other services. It means that you can drive the most recent car as if it were your own without having to pay a large upfront fee for it. You can also replace the car if its performance begins to deteriorate, and you won't have to look for a buyer. Simply go to the site and update your vehicle.

  • Cost-Effective Option

Buying a car isn't cheap, and the down payment and registration fees will set you back at the time of purchase. Whether you drive your automobile on a regular basis or not, you must pay the monthly EMIs, as well as maintenance and insurance costs. You won't have to pay a large down payment or maintenance fees if you subscribe to a self-drive car. A considerably low deposit is required, which will be returned at the end of your membership period. Additionally, subscriptions are far more cost-effective than acquiring a car.

  • Buy The Car 

So, let's assume you've changed your mind and want to purchase the car you've been driving. Most car subscription Melbourne Victoria around providers allow you to do so in this circumstance. You must wait until the subscription or leasing time has expired before paying the car's market value to become its lawful owner.