WordPress web design isn't only about hitting the button to install it in the control panel of your hosting.

There are many subtle considerations behind the scenes that impact your website.

WordPress is an incredibly versatile web design tool briansclub. It can handle all kinds of stuff and makes it easy for either you or your designer take full control of your website.

This is similar to being a kid in a store that is eager to buy all the things in sight.

But often, the less is more, and it is best not to add every conceivable sound and bell "just in case".

The first thing to remember is that WordPress separates the different elements of your design


  • Page content
  • The look and feel of the website
  • Website function


This is usually good but it can mean that amateur designers can get caught up in a variety of areas and don't realize the full advantages from the flexibility provided.

Page contents

This is the most important part of any web design service.

Yet often it's neglected or discarded as an afterthought.

The issue with this approach lies in the fact that no matter how great your site's design is if visitors don't find it.

And one of the methods they come across your site is through the Google search.

Google and the different search engines crawl every word that appears on any of your pages on your website and will do its best to pair them with what people are actually searching for. They will similarly apply the same process to other elements on your website such as images but they're not doing nearly as well when it comes to images as they do with words and so, remember that the written content you have on your website is far and far the most important component.

Be honest, if your web designer attempts to lie to you then it's time to reconsider the designer you choose.

Website function

Initial WordPress installation gives your website some basic functionality.

WordPress offers Extensions (called plugins) to improve and modify the features.

A few of them cover essentials like the way your website is displayed to the search engines - A variety of SEO plugins offer fine control over this and can assist in getting your website noticed more often.

Other articles explain the way WordPress operates, and include behind the scenes techie things like making sure unintentional hackers have a hard time trying to breach your site's security and switch to safer to attack.

Other applications add additional features like contact forms (amazingly they don't even integrate it into the standard installation) in addition to other features like booking diaries galleries of photos and just about everything you'd ever want from a site.

Your webmaster should be aware what are the most important for each WordPress installation, and which ones are suited to the specific requirements of your site.

Website Look and Feel

Although this is often the section that people tend to spend most time on, I've left it until last.

If your site is new, the look and feel of the site is the least important element.

Unless you make a major advertising, for the first few weeks or months , the only people - other than Google visiting your website are the employees of your company and maybe some of your friends and relatives.

This means that you have the ability to take time to contemplate the look and feel of your site and then adjust it later should you wish to.

You're going to want to ensure that your company logo and colours are visible in the design of your website at the beginning.

But your first choice of design shouldn't be one will remain in place for a long time - you can change (and switch back) with the click of an electronic mouse. This makes experimenting with design interesting, but can be very time-consuming, so be aware of any potential traps.