Like anything else for your pet, you will have plenty of options to sort through when choosing the right dog food container. To make matters simpler, we have broken down some of the main types of dog food containers, and explained what exactly they are.

Stackable — The name of this type of container says it all: stackable containers are a great space saving option. This type of container is particularly helpful if you have multiple pets, as you can keep their food separate and easily stack the containers. Stackable containers could also be helpful for those who have one pet, but would like to ensure that their treats, as well as their food, remain fresh. Alternatively, this kind of storage container allows for one of the components to be a dedicated travel container. Some stackable containers will come with wheels as well, designed to make it as simple as possible to feed pets, and making the containers more mobile. Depending on your dog’s size and personality, a food storage with this kind of mobility may, in fact, be useful, but it could also prove to be an issue for persistent pets when hungry.

Vault — This system of storage is good enough for protecting money, so it should be good enough to keep dry dog food fresh and safe. These types of containers feature lids that thread on and off, ensuring that the food is safe from both the elements and from nosy dogs. These containers are often made with a thick, opaque plastic that neither humans nor dogs can see through. This can be helpful for young dogs that need food to stay out of sight, but can prove a pain point for owners who need to determine how low they are running on food. Another benefit of vault style food containers is that they completely trap the dog food odor within themselves, eliminating any smell from the home which will help keep pests from being attracted, and will surely keep owners happier as well.

Wall Mounted — Another self explanatory name, wall mounted dog food containers are great for owners who can’t stand the look of a cluttered house. These containers are especially good for disciplined dogs who owners are confident will not eat more than they ought to if given some freedom.

These containers are generally meant to be mounted over a dog’s food bowl, and come equipped with a dispensing lever. This creates a great ease of use for owners, as you can just press this lever and fill your dog’s bowl in a matter of seconds. Of course, the container can be mounted anywhere that is convenient for the owner.

Most dogs pick up on cues rather quickly, so once they see this action a few times, they will probably know how to fill their own bowl. For older dogs with some self discipline, this is an incredibly convenient option, but for puppies who want to eat constantly, it could be trouble. Learn more about how to select the Pet Food Container on the here: