Great news Rick and Morty fans, are you looking for a great way to enhance your smoking experience? Our Rick and Morty Beaker Bong can be the perfect choice for you! The reason for this is simple. As the wider base of the beaker bong holds more smoke, giving you an ample amount of space to retain extra smoke. One of the best things about our beaker bong is that the larger base makes it much better for sitting on a tabletop without getting knocked over as easily. Your smoke is diffused with a 6-slit diffused downstem. Perfect for those large, smooth, milky rips.To get more news about cheap big bong, you can visit official website.


Beaker Bongs have been a crowd favorite among bong enthusiasts. Our Rick and Morty Beaker Bongs are made of the thickest grade glass. The Bongs are available in many colors and honeycomb designs that you can choose from! The bongs also come with some gnarly designs on the tube and body for a funky look.
These beaker bongs are efficient with a wide 50mm tube for plenty of smoke retention and ice notches to cool your smoke. The design of these bongs is unique and very functional. As far as the quality of our bongs is concerned we are here with the best quality bongs. The filtration process and the cooling of the smoke through diffusion make smoking more pleasurable. The convenient size and function of this affordable, quality 7mm beaker bong make it an ideal choice for daily use.

Rick and Morty funky prints
Beaker base water chamber
Thick quality glass that lasts
Honeycomb and bee decals
Durable and heavy-duty
Wide beaker base for better stability
Wide tube diameter for extra smoke retention
Removable 18mm/14mm Diffused Downstem
Comes with a 14mm ground glass bowl slide